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World Cup 3 Week #1

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World Cup Standings and Schedule: https://challonge.com/es/WorldCup3PokeMMO2020


Suspension(s): ------Due poland didnt sent the line up in time. The host took the decision to put a random line up. Poland will not be able to do substitutions this week. 

Due France didnt't sent the line up in time. France will choose only 2 players for next week line up, the rest of the will be choosen by the Host and will not be able to do substitutions.


As a reminder:


As a participant in the World Cup, you will maintain respect for your hosts, captains, teammates, opponents, and for yourself at all times. Any unnecessary or excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action.



If a player is unable to compete during the week, a captain has the right to substitute that player out of the line-up in exchange for one of his bench players. Any player that has been subbed out will be inactivated for the remainder of that week. The goal of the World Cup is to have every match played in their allotted weeks, but unforeseen events do occur. If a captain is able to make a substitution in order to have the match played, the hosts will ensure that it happens otherwise this will be deemed “inappropriate behavior” for match evading and that manager may risk losing by an activity decision.


  • Contact your opponent by PM on Discord or the PokeMMO Forums as soon as possible.
  • Provide dates and times in order to schedule a match anytime throughout the week.
  • PokeMMO duels will take place in Vermilion city ch4
  • Announce your duel in this thread between 5 & 15 minutes before it starts. If you don't a rematch will have to take place.
  • If you have trouble contacting your opponent, contact your captain and your opponent's captain so the appropriate actions can be made.
  • Extensions will only be given for extreme cases. Playing a match during another week can really set things back. 
  • If you can't find your opponent's forum name or IGN, just go ask with ur captain and then he will speak with the hosts.
  • If your opponent's PokeMMO Forum inbox is full, then contact that player by posting on their profile feed or on Discord
  • When you contact your opponent, present at least three (3) different times that you are available throughout the week, preferably on different days
  • You must respond to a PM by your opponent within 48 hours; if you do not you will need to be subbed out or face an activity decision loss
  • If a substitution is made, it will be as if a new week has started and the players will need to contact one another as outlined above
  • If you are unable to duel during the week, please request a substitution from your captain. Unforeseen events do happen.
  • If you believe your opponent cannot duel or has ignored your PM, please add the host and the related captaons so that they can take appropriate action


Group A


Colombia B 1-5 Argentina A

OU xWhinkz  vs Souu Link here

UU SkullDeus vs Wiriketchup Link here

NU lpandawal vs DavidAkd Link here

LC AlejandroGB vs Lkrenz Link here

DUBS Kepzal vs TiToooo Link here.

SMOU flesky vs BlackHunterX Link here




Germany 0-6 Chile

OU RexB vs Dylanwoodz Link here

UU BlizzardGG vs Sebat Link here

NU CaptnBaklava vs KiiritoX

LC Spxter vs NoWall Link here

DUBS SteveDerBaum vs Redav Link here

SMOU Linken vs kriger Link here




Belgium 4-2 Venezuela A  

OU Jaawax AwaxGoku vs Abstractt Link here

UU Zbleeex vs Zenenn Link here

NU Krilin vs CristhianArce Link here

LC Stelian vs llDaniell Link here

DUBS iMat vs xShandow Link here

SMOU LLLioale vs xUltraJesusx Link here


Jaawax vs Abstractt this weekend.



Group B


Poland 0-6 Spain 

OU magentozorizor vs Killuminatis Link here

UU SpirosPL BethoRP vs JasonSparrowX Link here

NU Quave vs Busso Link here

LC EmmaCACHJ vs XondeX

DUBS xJhonatan vs Zigh Link here

SMOU Forfiter vs ChrisJolteon Link here




Peru B 3-3 Portugal

OU ZDFire vs LufeIsHere Link here.

UU zAnderson vs xBadBones

NU xLuneth vs Pachima Link here

LC Hernjet vs ManyTears Link here

DUBS lKillua vs Millernine Link here

SMOU huargensy vs Sintatic Link here




Turkey 2-4 Rest of America

OU Miyes tipsizdarkbey vs Santiii Link here

UU ItsGray vs Urquidi Link here

NU DarkSilverZerra vs Cristi Link here

LC SapphireStoneSSS  vs YEYOxD

DUBS Kamowanthere vs LordMaik Link here

SMOU Oltan vs  Juanchoqui Link here





Group C


Brazil 3-3 Argentina B

OU Elvesss vs DiositoSlurpuff Link here

UU JhowCrazy vs Azzazz Link here

NU Risadex vs Personajexxx Link here

LC Boyscap vs CuervoSabio Link here

DUBS Shentiger vs GasaiYunoSan Link here

SMOU Dedinovsk vs branYT Link here




Colombia A 5-1 France

OU Brianattackpro vs Evenils Link here

UU yaritan vs Eastsiideboy

NU JamesFaul vs Cmawesomee Link here

LC Dreico vs Poufilou Link here

DUBS Enchanteur vs schuchty

SMOU iJulianFNT vs Rikoudo Link here




China B 3-3 Mexico

OU pumpnevermiss vs RayUwU

UU wyqnibaba vs CamiiNeko Takens

NU sgerard vs MexiDany Link here

LC EEdays vs Baneadito Link here

DUBS FishCakes vs CrissCy 

SMOU laputafans vs WallsLife Link here







Canada 3-3 China A

OU Taystee  vs mentalsoft Link here

UU  gbwead vs MullenYu Link here

NU  MamaWally vs xbingo Link here

LC  StriderXD vs Ahpool

DUBS Edriyan  vs blackblak Link here

SMOU DubsGG vs Starmind Link here




Rest of Asia 4-2 USA

OU xMikasaAckerman vs Sentutsuka NotArchon Link here

UU Frosteye vs DoubleJ Link here

NU SweetforU vs Titinn Link here

LC Beebam vs Cali  Link here

DUBS HaseKirie vs KingBowser Link here

SMOU dinofish vs Tianboizna Link here




Venezuela B 3-3 Brexit

OU ZacMorales vs Luke purpleturkleton Link here

UU DarkCenGn vs Lin 

NU xMarcoReus vs BlueBreath Link here

LC EpicVerde vs zymogen 

DUBS Cessy lFrankiel vs Rendi

SMOU tMoi vs LifeStyle Link here





Deadline Sunday 3 10PM GMT (Same hour for send Lineup 2º Week)

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Rest of Asia USA

OU xMikasaAckerman vs Senjutsuka Saturday 10PM  EST

UU Frosteye vs DoubleJ Saturday 10PM EST/7PM PDT

NU SweetforU vs Titinn Friday

LC Beebam vs Cali - Friday 11AM EST/8AM PDT

DUBS HaseKirie vs KingBowser Weekend

SMOU dinofish vs Tianboizna Tuesday


Will update this post when I get the rest of the times.

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I hope the hosts can create a google doc regarding the scheduled time of each game.  If everyone fills it out, then that makes things a lot easier in terms of spectating a match, rather than having to post here five minutes before you play your game.

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51 minutes ago, NikhilR said:

I hope the hosts can create a google doc regarding the scheduled time of each game.  If everyone fills it out, then that makes things a lot easier in terms of spectating a match, rather than having to post here five minutes before you play your game.

instead of having the docs, it could do the same as the drayyton post, but in the main post, if that helps you.

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Just now, mago1993 said:

instead of having the docs, it could do the same as the drayyton post, but in the main post, if that helps you.

That could work too, preferably if it were in spoilers.  The nice thing about Google docs is that if there is a game scheduled on that day, then the entry is highlighted.  So for example, if I was looking at the google docs on Thursday, then all the games that would be played on Thursday would be highlighted, which makes it easier. 


But this was simply a suggestion, so we can try it out in spoilers first if that's okay.

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