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[WorldCup3] Betting threard

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3 hours ago, GhostZzz said:

I don't think you should disrespect your teammates

This is the most basic trust between teammates

It's not about money

Your avatar is one of the cutest things I've ever seen on the forums.


EDIT: I meant signature xD

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Rest of America 0-0 Portugal

OU StrikerFreecss vs DeusBruno 100k on Striker

NU Cristi vs JuniorPT 100k on Cristi

LC YEYOxD vs ManyTears 100k on YEYOxD


Belgium 0-0 Argentina A


DUBS iMat vs TiToooo 100k on TiToooo vamos tito no me falles la puta q te pario (taked by @MaatthewMLG )


Venezuela A 0-0 Chile

500k Chile winning the week ( void if tie)


only 1 bet per duel

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12 hours ago, Sebat said:

UU Mkns vs Souu


NU ZDFire vs largeflower

LC EpicVerde vs elcooilo


100k-200k all except red and blue bets ; 100k-500k (specifies amount when u take) (void if sub or activitywin NEW void if timerwin only for venezuela players)

I can take as many as necessary to complete the bet limit (ex: 1bet 500k or 5 bets 100k)

100k c/u

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8 hours ago, GhostZzz said:

take  400k on xbingo

take  500k on Starmind

take  1m on blackblak



blackblak god!!!黑黑冲!!

I cant take bingo and starmind, my limit is full, read my rules please, take zac vs black

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