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1 minute ago, FlamingEmber said:

I've started my adventure once again and hope to have an enjoyable experience.

Welcome to the Forums FlamingEmber, I hope you enjoy your visit here.



Also, I hope the team I made for you in game is well suited for you.


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Welcome to Pokemmo, FlamingEmber, Hopefully you enjoy the game as much as i do, It is a lot of fun. If you need help with anything at all feel free to whisper me in game or mail me on forums, You can even send me a message on discord, My discord is in my profile, Ill reply and soon as i can to help you. Hope you enjoy the game can community have fun buds. 

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Hey there ^^ 

a little late to the welcome, 

but enjoy the game!

Don’t hesitate to contact with staff if you need anything, especially trade evolutions! 
My doors open if you want to chat, keep a eye out for this moogle. x)

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