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Long time Pokemon fan, found my dream game

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Hey everyone! 

I'm Matteo from Italy, 22 years old currently soon to be engineer, a lot of free time thanks to the quarantine.


I have recently discovered this gem of a game thanks to a friend, I tried it back in I think 2012 and I loved the idea, but it lacked a lot of stuff.

I had since then forgotten about it, until 10 days or so ago a friend of mine suggests me to check it out, also on Android.... Aaaand I'm sold, this is what I feel a modern Pokémon game online should be.


So far I beat both kanto and Hoenn league, about to start Sinnoh and browsing through Reddit I read that this forum is very active, so here I am. 


Hoping to find a way to make some money and get into competitive battles as I played for the longest time on Pokémon showdown, and I love the idea of building the team from the ground up myself. 


In game name: DaQuiALa


Have a good day everyone, and thanks developers and moderators for making this game a solid reality 

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14 hours ago, Diano said:

VVelcome bck


6 hours ago, Teddi said:

Hello Matteo, welcome! ^^


I hope you will enjoy your time here! If you need any help, feel free to contact Staff in game or in the Help Desk section.


Have fun!



4 hours ago, White said:

Welcome to this fantastic world and wish you a happy adventure :D


1 hour ago, Akshit said:

Welcome to the game and forums, enjoy your stay. See ya around o/

Many thanks to everyone, if I have any questions I will be sure to ask in the forums!

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