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[Results] Shauntal's Literature Challenge

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Thank you everyone for your entries, we have a total of 30 stories to read and vote! <3

We will announce the result here as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact me or any of the judges.


415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.pngWinner's Prize


Shiny GIFT VkXBiVE.png

Lvl. 100

Your choice of nature, 2 moves with IVs 2x31 & 4x25


1,250 Reward Points


9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png Runner Up Prize

750 Reward Points


Judges: Teddi, MPDH, Bearminator, Lin

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Thank you very much for your patience!

This was an amazing contest and it was very hard to choose 1st and 2nd place. We had too many good entries, and it honestly took me at least 5 times reading them to be able to make a decision.

Thank you all for your effort and for making this event so special!


Now, I know everyone is curious, so...

Winners time!






No need to be scared of ghosts


 “Look at this amazing view, boy”, I said to my Umbreon who was sitting next to me with my hand on his head, gently caressing him. “Who would’ve thought we’d make it this far. We really went through a lot. Endless struggles, tough opponents, bad luck, we managed to rise above it all.” Before us was a sea that merged with sky in far distance, shades of red and violet sunset was giving away the line that separated it. “You know, you really helped me along the way. I don’t know what would’ve happened with me if you weren’t there. That night in the woods… It.. It makes me shiver even know.” He snuggled himself closer to me and smiled, leaving a soothing sound, which calmed me down but the scene was still so very vivid, etched in the back of my mind.
                Pine trees. Tall pine trees everywhere, hiding the sun. It was not a sunny day, at least I thought so, because we weren’t able to see the sun. Forest was crawling with pokemon, little misty and dark, but nothing was giving away the sinister feeling, at least not when we entered. We were walking through the forest for an hour or so, but the weariness was slowly kicking in since we were in a great hurry to reach the Eterna city. All I could see in that damn forest was trees, kakunas, and metapods. None of the pokemon we encountered came to my interest, I was secretly hoping to find a scyther but I was down on my luck that day. The words can’t even describe how rotten my luck was. Lost in all the walking and daydreaming, we found ourselves at a crossroad. Right path was looking, well, ordinary, nothing was different from the path we were walking on. The left one, on the other hand, was looking abandoned, like no human foot stepped there for a long time. I failed to realize how foolish I was for not picking the right path straight away, but it was as if something was pulling me, calling me from the deep shadows of the left. Mindlessly I made a first step to the left, then another, and another. I must’ve looked like a zombie, but Umbreon was vigilantly walking by my side, trying to understand the reason for my irrational decision. When I came to my senses I was standing before what seemed like an abandoned manor, covered in moss and holes, windows were broken, but the gates were open. It felt like a second to me, but I must’ve been walking for at least an hour, because when I looked around nothing was familiar. Path behind us was completely lost, covered with grass and trees, like it was never even there in the first place. It was getting dark, as if things weren't bad enough. The air was much colder. “I’m sorry, boy, I don’t know how we got here. Are you tired? I know I am. But it’s too late to go back, what do you think, should we go inside? I’m sure it’ll be warmer, and it looks like it’s our best option by far.” We went few steps further to take a closer look, but darkness fell quickly and my eyes were struggling. “Did you see? Something moved, in the bushes down the left wing of the house?” I started to shake as I wasn’t sure if that was real or just in my mind. “You’re probably right, I guess I’m just exhausted, and I’m starving, we better go inside and take a look. We could both use a long rest and a good meal.” Everything was surrounded with silence, the bad kind of silence you find in graveyards, but turning back was no longer an option. With minimum effort we managed to open the door, it was dark inside but we were able to see two paths of stairs and one door before us, we couldn’t see where the stairs were leading to. There was no furniture anywhere. As soon as we entered I felt some sinister presence, but it was not coming from the house. Like someone was watching us from the outside, I peeked through the window and caught a glimpse of something, but my eyes were too slow. And then I’ve heard it, the most gentle yet terrifying voice, calling my name. I felt shivers down my spine, I was paralyzed with fear. I tried to make a move but the floor was slipping away, everything was moving away, like I was shrinking. Grasping for air, troubled deep breaths, feeling of loneliness. But then, I felt warmness beside me, his head was beneath my hand. “It’s going to be alright, boy.” But my voice gave away the doubt that was lurking. We had no idea what was going on, and then we heard the voice once again, this time it was louder. “M.. Mother?” Sound of broken glass echoed deep into my mind. Just saying that word made my world collapse, made me realize that it can’t be, she’s not here anymore. “Umbreon, use protect!” But the evil aura was still pulsating around us. “You’re right, Go, Luxray! Can you see what’s going on?” Thanks to his vision he detected the cause of all this. It was a Misdreavus swarm, we were surrounded. We came outside, but they were everywhere. I felt discomfort in Umbreon and Luxray. “Umbreon, use protect!” he deflected multiple Hex attacks that were targeted at us. “Luxray, Roar! We’re gonna be alright boys, trust me!” But Roar didn’t scare them, it only made them angrier, they all attacked with Payback. “Both of you, Protect!” Strong blast pushed us back, I slammed against the wall but managed to catch both Umreon and Luxray. “Are you guys ok? Can you still fight?” The impact must’ve left some consequences, but they looked at me with so much confidence, their souls were crying out to show me how desperate they are to protect me, to protect each other. I never felt such strong bond with my pokemon until then. Our souls entwined in that moment, we could feel each other's feelings, know each other's thoughts, it was as if we were one, me and my pokemon. My best friends.  “Let’s show these guys what we’re made of, Umbreon, use Helping Hand! Luxray, use Bite!” He managed to hit two of them, but a Shadow Ball was already fired at him, coming from the right. “Luxray, quick, Wild Charge! Aim for the one on your left!” He listened without hesitation and managed to dodge it in the last second, and before I could blink he stroke the one on the left. Umbreon, use Bite!” Tables have turned, we were on the offense. As I watched Umbreon and Luxray fight back to back my heart filled with joy, two of my best friends, so graceful and strong. I knew I was safe, with them by my side nothing bad can happen. “Don’t let your guard down!” Only few of them remained, but they attacked with Shadow Sneak. “Quick, dodge and use Crunch!” What was left of the swarm disbanded, and we found ourselves alone.”Thank you so much, you two! You saved my life.” They jumped into my arms so hard that I fell, but it didn’t hurt at all. Laughter broke the silence of the night. “Come, it’s warmer in the house, and I have something for you.” We entered once again, tired, we just sat in the left corner of the house and I pulled few Iapapa berries from my backpack, very sour taste was their favorite. Stale sandwich from the day before was more than enough for me. Full moon finally appeared and illuminated the room through the broken glass, it was old and dusty but not scary at all. We’ve scattered the fear with the power of friendship, we finally found peace. At least for the night. In the morning, everything was so quiet. Rays of light woke us gently, as we bathed in the warmness of the sun. It was one of the happiest mornings of my life, despite the terrors of the night before. We were together, well rested and ready to continue our journey, and it was all that mattered.
                Many great adventured followed, some were filled with happiness and laughter, others with sweat, tears, pain and misfortune, but the important thing is that I cherish them all. Who knows, maybe the time will come to share another story, maybe something more joyful. But of one thing I’m certain, even though the memories of that night, of that evil voice still haunts me, I know that I will continue to walk my path, I will keep climbing. Because with them, there’s no limit to what we can do. With them by my side, it’s just a matter of time when we’ll reach the sky.



9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png Runner Up




"Falling Rain"


It's been three years to the day since mother died. Nothing has quite been the same, and even my Pokemon can't fill the gaping hole she left in my life. 


I hate to admit it, but I've started to neglect my Pokemon - I only want to be alone, so that I don't experience more grief and loss. One particularly gloomy and rainy day, I felt so terrible - I had been keeping my old friends inside their prisons all this time. After thinking for a while, listening to the rain patter loudly against my window, I got up and stepped outside. I was immediately drenched and started shivering, but I didn't care. I clutched the Pokeballs in my hand one last time and threw them into the air, freeing my old friends. They looked at me sadly, but understanding. They needed to be free. I didn't even say farewell, but turned around and walked back into my house. I shut the door and slumped against it, but couldn't even bring myself to cry...


After a few minutes, I knew I made the wrong decision. If I felt alone before, now I was truly by myself. I opened the door expecting to see my Pokemon, or my old Pokemon now, waiting for me to let them back in... but none of them were there. I should have known better. I walked back inside, changed into some warm clothes and got back in bed and closed my eyes...


The rain was relentless for the rest of the day. It assaulted all sides of our house, a symphony of drumrolls, announcing the grey skies. A few hours of ruminating my decision passed when I heard a loud thumping on the door. I sat up, wondering who it could possibly be now that everyone in my life had gone. I figured it must have been the rain and laid back down...




I couldn't ignore it now. I got up and went to the door. For some reason when I put my hand on the door knob, it all became real. I got anxious, started trembling. I took a deep breath and turned the knob and opened the door, peering out to see what awaited me. 


My Pokemon were all standing there, looking quite happy, despite being drenched and cold. They stepped aside and let a Yamask float up to me eerily. Strange - I never had a Yamask, nor have I ever seen one. Luckily my old PokeDex, given to me by Professor Juniper, was sitting on an end table nearby. I grabbed it and held it up to the Yamask, and heard its characteristic voice,


"Yamask. The Spirit Pokemon. Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry."


I looked over my PokeDex and saw it was true. The Yamask looked down, longingly at its mask - as if to try and bring back what it had lost, but quietly knowing it would never be true. It shed a single tear...


"...Mother?" I asked.


I burst into tears immediately, like a dam breaking, letting free its pent up flow. Our tears were louder than the rain, crashing around our reunion.



Thank you all for this amazing event and for all the good reading, I hope soon I will be able to host an event like this again! <3

A special thanks to the cutest judges @Bearminator @MPDH @Lin and @BrokenBulb !

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