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IGN: Souu Country: Argentina Tiers signed up for: Ou, Uu, Nu

IGN: xSparkie Country: USA Tiers: OU UU NU LC Doubles Discord: xSparkie#4088

IGN: Wiriketchup Country: Argentina Tiers: OU / UU / NU / LC (como el culo pero juego)

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8 minutes ago, DaftCoolio said:

5. Forum-specific policies:

The rules in this section apply specifically to the forums at https://forums.pokemmo.eu/

  • a. You are required to use the English language when using the PokeMMO forums. Posts written in other languages are required to have an English translation appended to the post.

ok,are u from China?idk

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A player should be signing up to play for a country they are citizen of, or are permanently living in said country. While we acknowledge that in real World Cup tournament citizenship is the only way to represent a country, we decided to allow a person permanently living in a specific country to represent that country if they were to seek the citizenship of said country in the future. Signing up to play for any other country will violate the idea of this tournament series, and thus will not be allowed. "Don't forget we still have the last world cup sign up thread. We have all the data gathered to know who is liying about their information"



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