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Hello everyone, this is where you can sign up for this year's World Cup.

you need complete this : 



                                                                                                           In-game name:
                                                                                                           (Optional)Forum name:
                                                                                                           Tiers signed up for:
                                                                                                           (Optional) Discord name:
                                                                                                            Deadline: April Wednesday 22, 11:59PM GMT


Info of Host for this World Cup.


Forum Name : Mago1993

IGN : xMago



Forum Name : MathewMat

IGN : MonkeyDMathew



Forum Name : Xigbaar

IGN : Badbaarsito










Big part of the rules and procedures are already in the Sign up thread. The rules and procedures can be changed before the Sign Up Thread is closed. You can find every rule in the Sign up thread. The link to it already posted above.



1.- The matches are done by scheduling your battles each week with your assigned opponent. This tournament will run for presumably multiple months, so sign up only if you assume you can be active for a longer time. You don't want to leave your teammates in a trouble.


2.- Ghosting, the act of playing on another player's account is not allowed in this tournament. This is against the rules of PokeMMO and also will be against the rules of this tournament.



3.- 3.- The coaching in this tournament Is completely forbidden. All the Players must play with DND enabled. For each match both players must be inside a "link chat" together. If any of the players are surprised being coached, both the players and the coach will be automatically expelled from the tournament without any reply to avoid this. This will happen with proofs about the coaching.


4.- Every team will be assigned a captain and a substitute for the captain. The hosts will name a captain for each team and the player who has the most official tournament victories between the whole 2020 will be named as the team captain.  The captain is responsible for submitting his/her team's lineup for each week and responsible for substituting out any players during the week who aren't active. The team captain may give this duty to another player, and must inform the hosts if they wish to do so.


5.- The hosts of the tournament have the right to form the teams for each country or a combination team of multiple countries. This is prevalent if a country does not have suffice amount of signups to form a single team. In this case the hosts have the right to assign to combination team from the players without a team for their country. In another case where the hosts have authorative power is assigning multiple teams for a single country(Max 2). If there is any known problems between players within the same country, these players may be separated for different teams to avoid any problems within the team. The final say about forming the teams are on the hosts.


6.- This tournament will have only three hosts to keep things simple, and for this reason no further hosts are needed.



7.- Two teams may be formed for this country If a country has:

  • More than 16 players
  • At least two players signed up to each tier


8-. A player should be signing up to play for a country they are citizen of, or are permanently living in said country. While we acknowledge that in real World Cup tournament citizenship is the only way to represent a country, we decided to allow a person permanently living in a specific country to represent that country if they were to seek the citizenship of said country in the future. Signing up to play for any other country will violate the idea of this tournament series, and thus will not be allowed.



9.- Staff members are welcome to play in the world cup.



10.- Remember to keep good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Do not cause unnecessary drama with other players, other teams or the hosts. An example of this may be harassing, personal insults or any such behavior deemed illegal in the rules of PokeMMO. Violating good sportsmanship may cause one week of suspension. If any player receives up to 3 weeks of suspension will be automatically expelled from this event and will not receive any kind of money If their team reaches both the semi finals or finals.



11.- The tournament will be played this 6 tiers:


  • OU
  • UU
  • NU
  • LC
  • S&MOU (Showdown)


11.1- If a person signs up in a tier, once the World Cup has started they will not be able to change to a different tier. The player will be able only to play the tier he signed up for.


12.- After posting the week, each participant in that week will have only 2 days to schedule the match. Captains will need to check their teammates and inform about any lack of communication between your teammate and opponent. If any of the 2 players involved in the match shows no intention to schedule a day for the duel, the captain must substitute that player and the players will have one week of suspension. In case the player does it again, he will be expelled from the World Cup.



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