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Mamoswine Tier

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2 hours ago, dlkqru29183 said:

Could someone explain to me why Mamoswine is UU on PokeMMO and OU on Smogon BW? New to competitive Pokemon. Could it be due to the fact that he can't get Thick Fat ability? Thanks!

we don’t follow the smogon rules. 
we are Pokemmo. 
and we don’t have HA either (yet)

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3 minutes ago, RysPicz said:

Different mechanics (no permanent weather), no legendaries, no hidden abilities, nerfed outrage (Mamo in gen5 was an outright counter to outrage-locked mons such as Chomp or Mence). I could probably think of many more but those are most important

Oh I see. How was outrage nerfed?

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