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Next Big PokeMMO Event

Next Big PokeMMO Event  

141 members have voted

  1. 1. Which event would you like to play in?

    • PokeMMO Super League (PSL)
    • World Cup
    • Battle Association
    • Last Team Standing (LTS)
    • Teams PSL
  2. 2. Who would be the best host for this event?

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im not wort to host, i would co host or be in the small council if the host wants and really takes in consideration what his co-hosts/council members ideas are.

as im not playing i will not vote, there are some good ideas to do, we need a break of PSL for sure

if the hosts/council makes the right changes/rules on World Cup, it can be a great tour

i dont remember how are the LTS and Battle Associacion, i think i read some about lts and it was cool, should need to read them before introduce in them

also, as im inactive i dont have a real idea of how are the teams now, last time i know about teams, some got problems completing roosters, TEAMS PSL is a cool idea, if the teams can make it to give a rooster and confirmate that they dont have problems to play all their matches, it can be good

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I see 2 of the 3 suggested hosts not want to be the host. In my opinion this feels forced. I'm not blaming them or anything obviously, i'm just saying that if someone wants to host an event of this calibre it should be because they want to, not because they were pushed to.

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tbh i dont care to be the host if its just to be the face and there is a real host team, at the end it would be just be the face and the decisions are from the team

just dont expect me to make all the threads for my own xdddd

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just watch that xd dont make me write the official things haha
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Battle Association is basically what we call Draft League in Smogon formats ? That's absolutely amazing. I want that ! 

However it seems very complicated to host ahah. And we might end up lacking seats if that's the chosen format. Either way there goes my vote. 

That's a great initiative Gb :3

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