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1 minute ago, SirDusty said:

@fredrichnietzeget any new swords?

also have you ever thought about branching out to spears/crossbows? Possibly a trebuchet? I would rock a trebuchet in my front yard, it’s art.

original trebuchets tended to be a one battle use with few exceptions like warwolf and i have spears but no crossbows. gun replaced military crossbows and antique examples tend to be from the 1700's(and pretty rare by then) or later and are pretty rare with a few hunting example exceptions. spears lasted longer especially in africa and asia and large pike formations were used with riflemen but in the early-mid 1700's they started to be replaced in europeon armys with rifle and bayonet and sword. the rifle bayonet was very primitive at this time by it only had to hold off Calvary charges and were used with swords. tl dr non african/asian spears are usually pre united states and kinda rare and hard to come by. with the exception of japan all the african/europeon spears are unmarked and with no models or anything else to verify them so a lot of collectors dont collect them dropping the value meaning sadly a lot rust away and arent cared for. the ones i got were cheaper then some dinners i have bought and covered inside and out with rust and no way to authenticate other then by style. 

and havent gotten much new swords recently due to messing up some ligaments in my foot and taxes

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