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Tournament Mode |  Unlimited Players | 6v6 



Date & Time Explanation

Monday, March 30th |  Time 7PM EDT 



Two vs Two Tag team

Tiers: UU/NU

Tie Breaker: UU

2 Hour Time Limit on Matches

No Subs

No only symbols for Tag team name . ##&÷>÷>×[@[@×



Registrations will open 1 hour prior to the tournament. Post your team here according to the format:


Team Name:
Registered Players:



Contest Hall Lilicove City Ch4



First Place Prize



Shiny Galvantula

21/16/20/30/26/31 || Timid Nature



Shiny Butterfree

31/14/31/26/31/31 || Timid Nature


Edited by CristiDOX

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Team Name:Teaarpuneño

Registered Players: huargensy, Maxxiix

Just now, CristiDOX said:

Sigue intentando

No sé usar el foro ps

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Team Name: SIA1
Registered Players: Mkns / gbwead

Team Name: SIA2
Registered Players: MadaraSixSix / Tawla


Team Name: SIA3
Registered Players: Kanicula / Lunarck


Team Name: SIA4
Registered Players: Cmawesomee / Pinklabel

Team Name: SIA5
Registered Players: Jaawax / Stelian

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Posted (edited)

Team Name:uguubig 19

Registered Players: Zenenn, CristhianArce


Edited by Zenenn
I am pooped

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2 hours ago, CristiDOX said:


No only symbols for Tag team name . ##&÷>÷>×[@[@×


Do u hate us right? 

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8 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

Bleh should have announced it early and held it next week...

useless bro, SIA win.




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