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What game are you currently playing right now?

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On 8/9/2020 at 10:05 PM, EazyL said:


Age of Empires II


Pokemon Showdown 

the price is right slots game


I love them too and 

X-COM: Apocalypse
What I love about this game is its approach to gameplay organization. Putting you in charge of the X-COM organization called to stop alien invasion, this project does not limit you in any way: you are free to choose your own strategy. Moreover, the lion's share of the game's fun is in exploring your enemy. The emphasis in the game is not just on battles, but on getting to know the enemy, his biology, technology and motives - you hire scientists who dissect alien corpses, study the behavior of captured individuals, understand the alien military equipment and create their own prototypes of ships and weapons. You and only you decide which battles to fight and which objectives to pursue.
Overall a great strategy game, one of the best in general. I used to ruthlessly skip school to play more X-COM. And it was awesome.


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Semi-currently playing DayZ Standalone.  Been wanting to play it since I was teen, but only recently got a computer that could.  Overall it's fun, but for someone who only gets to play 3-4 hours a day it's not really doing it for me anymore.  The gameplay design is so slow(Not a bad thing), you can run around for days before actually finding someone to shoot/converse with. 

I tried playing a variety of VR games too; Fallout 4, Pop. One, Skyrim VR, and a few others but didn't really get into any of them.  Guess I'll wait for a proper MMO/Sandbox multiplayer game to come out on it. 

All this is of course just to tide me over until ELDEN RING

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