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Increase Tournment seats in Gerenal (at least temporarily)


The only cons would be longer than usual tournaments, but since 1/3 of the world are in home atm, that couldn't be an issue.




This is a common scene now days, so make at least the 2 most popular tiers (OU and UU) 128 seats for default. This can be don at least while server peaks are bigger than normal.




This was during a Tuesday.


Another option (as already mentioned) could be a flexible tournament seats, based on the size of the queue. 


Loss a tournament is bad, but with current global situation everyone have time to play and is even more frustrating get out of a tournament because sign-ups bugs/ lag/ queue is full.


Side note:I hope the devs notice there is time of take advantage of the server population and bring some cool changes aimed for those players returning due to covid-19

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As much as I agree on dynamic seat to tournaments would be an improvement what I can do in the near term is talk to my staff about increasing seat counts where appropriate to reduce the amount of queuing in tournaments.


On the game queue we set limits and assess our server performance and increase them incrementally if we feel we are able to we should not see long queues but could in the future see small queues for a temporary period of time as we continue to grow.

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