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Shared Box Within the Account


I was thinking that adding a "shared" box in the game would make farming in more than 1 characther go a bit smoother.

Rather than having someone trade all your pokemon/items for your gym runs, or spending quite a bit more time e-mailing yourself 5 different pokemon, a shared box where we can put pokemon, and they would appear in the box of the other characthers within the same username ready to be taken out of the box and use them.

I don't mean the pokemon getting copied, cause that would probably break the game, but rather doing your gym/trainer runs then putting those pokemon in the box, logging on a different characther and just take them out from there and do it all again.


It doesn't have to be a big box, maybe like the one used for pvp teams?

If it got introduced it could be a ticket bought with reward points to activate that box.




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Yes i agree, a shared box would make life easier. It's very time consuming mailing cosmetics, mons etc to different characters. I support this 100%

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