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Hello, welcome back! :) I hope you'll have a great time here.


We have the Help Desk section here in the forum, if you need support, please contact us.

We also have the Official Events section, where you can see the events that will happen on the next days or are happening here in the forum. Feel free to participate on them, would be great to see you there too.


See you in game!


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6 hours ago, Gothdog said:

I used to play this game few years ago but i never used forum. So um, if u wanna talk about something I'm here c:

Welcome to the community if you need help with guides breeding, pvp farming money or anything else feel free to mail me or whisper me in game.

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The forum is actually an amazing place if you're looking for content related to the PokeMMO "universe".

There are guides, customization area, clubs, general discussion, comp. alley... I figured you might know about everything, but still... take a look around, there's always something new.


Enjoy your stay ;)

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