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The Resort's Lake Monsters (Sunday, 29th March)

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We got a report about huge and powerful monsters at Resort Area beating all pokemons and scaring the tourists away.

We need help to end with this! Are you brave and strong enough to join this task force?



Do not join the task force if you're scared or aren't strong enough!

These monsters feel the smell of fear and weakness and they will crush you mercilessly before you can blink.



What is needed to join the task force?

  • Access to the location
  • Super Rod

If you don't have your Super Rod, please talk to the fisherman at Fight Area.


Where was the monster seen?

Resort Area (Sinnoh), at the lake by the Pokemon Center. 

Me and Lin will be at channel 1.


When are we gathering for this task?

On 29th March at 9pm UTC.

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What do I need to do?

This task is not easy, so we will split it in 3 rounds:


  • Round 1

You'll have 1 hour to catch the strongest lake monster and show it to me or @Lin, the staff members who is responsible for this task force.

Your entry must be:

h5Lw12c.pngWild lvl. 100 Magikarp.

After the time limit, you'll have 10 minutes to link your entry to us. The winner will be decided according to the entry with higher IVs.

If there's a draw, the prize will go to the earlier catch.

If no lvl. 100 Magikarps are caught, we'll move to Round 2.


  • Round 2

More 30 minutes will be given to catch a lvl. 100 Magikarp. The first person linking one to me or Lin will be the winner.

If more than one is linked in this time, the earlier whisper will be the winner. If there's a draw, the earlier catch between them will win.

If there are still no lvl. 100 Magikarps, we'll move to round 3.


  • Round 3

You'll have 15 minutes to link the best Magikarp you caught during the first or second round to me or Lin.

Lvl. 100's won't guarantee the prize anymore.

Points will be calculated by: Total IVs + Level = Total points.

If there's a draw, the earlier catch will be the winner.



  • The OT must be yours.
  • The Magikarps must remain untrained, trained ones won't be accepted.
  • It must have been caught during the event time, starting when I announce on Global EN chat.
  • Any players found to have started the hunt before the event begins will be disqualified.
  • Your entry must be made through whisper for me or @Lin. Mailed entries or entries submitted to other Staff members won't be accepted.




Lvl. 100 Shiny GIFT Magikarp

IVs 2x31 and 4x25

Your choice of Nature and 2 moves


Hosts: Teddi and Lin

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10 minutes ago, shiningluck said:

Which channel Teddi?

Channel doesn't matter, but me and Lin will be on channel 1 :)

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30 minutes for this event to start!


A reminder:

On 3/18/2020 at 5:58 AM, Teddi said:

Any players found to have started the hunt before the event begins will be disqualified.

Me and Lin will be checking all channels before the event starts and not accepting the entries of those who are fishing before I announce the start of the event. Please do not insist on this. :)


Good luck to all the participants!

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The winner is...


EmmaCACHJ, with 129 points on Round 1!


Thank you everyone that participated, the lake monsters calmed down now and the Resort is peaceful again.

See you all in the next event!

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