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Changelog: 17/03/2020

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Bug Fixes

  • Improved server performance to handle additional players
  • Battle icons are now permanently revealed after Team Preview completes
  • Fixed battle replay generation for tournament matches won by forfeit
  • Fixed an issue where Teleport would end horde battles immediately if used by wild encounters, instead of removing an individual enemy
  • Genders are now selected before egg creation in breeding
    • This primarily affects Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Illumise/Volbeat species lines, where the egg species was randomized before now
  • Fixed White Herb's handling of moves which drop multiple stat stages simultaneously (e.g. Superpower)
  • Roar-type moves will now fail if a wild encounter uses the move, while the target is a higher level
  • Fixed several battle crashes related to AI
  • Fixed Anticipation reacting on non-damaging moves
  • Fixed double Multitype ability broadcasts
  • Fixed music tracks when encountering hordes in Hoenn
  • Fixed an issue where Defog status would not be applied when reconnecting after use
    • Fixed a storyline skip issue with Sinnoh's Surf HM
    • NPC Trainers have learned how to use marts, and have purchased a variety of balls for their use
    • Fixed "Forfeit" button in PvP not showing correct strings

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    Update 2

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed battle icons not displaying faint status in Team Preview matches
    • Fixed chat server reconnecting in client
    • Fixed blocklist enforcement

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