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Shauntal's Literature Challenge (17th April)

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We miss you, Lax


The Berry Forest is one of those places where you can’t hardly tell the difference between night and day. The tall and leafy trees just let a handful of sunbeams pass, creating a dark yet magical atmosphere. It is the true realm of calm and serenity.


Meowth and I loved to walk around this place. I could say it was the peaceful silence. I could say it was because of those joyful moments when we spotted some fallen berries under the weeds. I could say we loved the smell of the creaking woods and the sweet sound of the many wild pokemon we always came across. I could say it was because we were Pay-daying.


But we would be lying to ourselves. We would, because secretly, we were always looking for you, Lax: for your footprints in the mud, for a trace of your fur on the bark of the trees, for any of your Leftovers…


And now, now we are very worried. Worried because we have been looking for you for weeks and we can’t find you, because we can’t spot your footprints anymore, because we can’t hear your distant growl, because a rumour started to spread all across the island. A rumour that tells that we won’t be able, ever again, to run across you. A rumour that tells that you were hunted down, that you fled, that you disappeared...


We can’t go back to the Berry Forest anymore, Lax. It is too sad, it is too painful; because everything there reminds us of you.






IGN: Rittz

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