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Kup's Smeargle Service! Also with a budget option for all players!

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Smeargle is one of the most versatile Pokémon available in PokeMMO and serves as a staple in most shiny catcher teams thanks to it's ability to Sketch pretty much any move from another Pokémon!

Whether you're a seasoned player, recently started playing, or you've just spent too much money at the Celadon slots, I'll take the grind out of getting a decent Smeargle of your own that fits your budget so that you can spend more time playing and shiny hunting!




  • False Swipe
  • Spore
  • Soak
  • Spider Web, Ingrain, Sweet Scent, Icicle Spear, Payday, Haze, Mist, Earthquake, or Hyper Voice



  • Budget: HP x / ATK 20+ / DEF x / SpATK x / SpDEF x / SPD 20+
  • Fully Spec'd: HP 20+ / ATK 25+ / DEF 20+ / SpATK x / SpDEF 20+ / SPD 25+


EV Training:

  • ATK 252 / DEF 6 / SPD 252



  • Budget: 31
  • Fully Spec'd: 50


Fully Spec'd Natures:

  • Adamant
  • Jolly
  • Neutral



  • Budget: 50k (86 in stock)
  • Neutral Nature: 175k (6 in stock)
  • Jolly Nature: 200k (0 in stock)
  • Adamant Nature: 200k (32 in stock)



  • IGN: Kuplion (Whispers only please)
  • Discord: Kuplion#1972 (No need to send a friend request, if you're part of the PokeMMO Discord you can message me)
  • PM me on forums: Click here
  • Timezone: GMT
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Thanks for saving me the grind! <3 That was way faster (and cheaper) than I expected haha. Amazing stuff, 10/10 would recommend. 

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Posted (edited)

Excellent Service!!

Very Cheap but Great Pokémons Are available + Awesome Fast Response + 

Polite Behavior.

Highly Recommend from me.

Rate - 5★/5★

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I bought a full spec'd smeargle from him for shiny hunting, he did it in less than 5 minutes and it's a really nice guy, he even offered me a 15k discount cause the pokemon had 1 less iv than what it is advertised in the post. 10/10 would buy again from him!

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Started to play after a long break, and its really a good service for new players, specially the budget version for players who didn't get all badges. I bought a budget version and if I were to need another moveset, I'd ask for the service again.

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Great guy, reliable, and I'd definitely buy from him again if I need another smeargle

Great guy, reliable, and I'd definitely buy from him again if I need another smeargle

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