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Changelog: 03/09/2012

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Posted 03 September 2012 - 09:16 AM

  • Friend's List is now limited to 100 entries.
  • Added Friend's List GUI.
  • Updated animations for entering battle. Looks prettier.
  • Vs Seeker implemented. (24 hour cooldown per trainer) Note: Animations are not yet implemented.
  • Added chat bubbles when players near you talk. (Can be disabled in the settings menu)
  • Added a FAQ ingame. Will be accessible via "H" ( Configurable ) or Game Menu -> FAQ
  • Updated the look of the chat GUI. (Can be reverted in the settings menu)
  • NPC Interaction by mouse click implemented. (Left Click)
  • More hotkey functionality added to controls tab in settings.
  • Added support for a player queue if the server is full.
  • Normal chat will now have a reduced range due to the view range modification. Shout will continue to have the same range as the old Normal/Shout.
  • Adding all chat aliases as Client commands. Now if you type /global and press enter, it will change the chat channel. Userfriendlyness++;
  • Hiding useless "Logout" and "Character List" menu buttons. (Until we add support for them)
Server Optimizations
  • Improved the way maps are loaded. Will reduce load times and server bandwidth.
  • Added in a much lower view range for viewing other players. This will greatly reduce CPU/Networking.
  • Trimmed a few redundant bytes from a few movement packets.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where 1 pixel of health would show up in the health bar, if the pokemon had fainted.
  • Fixed BULK UP, and CALM MIND-type skills for realsies.
  • Fixed 'Badly Poisoned' skill effects not applying preturn damage. (TOXIC)
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy pokemon count indicator would show up immediately, instead of when the status bar did.
  • Fixed the inability to close the map by adding an x in the corner.
  • Defaulting the PokeMMO.sh to use -Xmx512M. (Which is more than we need, but should reduce the occurrence of issues.)

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