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Roulette Battle: A New Way to Duel!

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What's a Roulette Battle?



A Roulette is an incredibly fun type of duel done with another player, in which both trainers choose their opponent's team at random. 


*This is not to be mistaken with a Rotation battle, an experimental type of battle introduced in 5th gen, and later removed.* 


Video tutorial: 








To get the most out of a Roulette, it is necessary for a player to have at least 30 comps* (competitive Pokemon). It could be done with as little as 15, but it would not be as much fun.


*What's a comp?

It has been asked what is defined as a "competitive Pokemon". Although this term is subjective, most players are satisfied with calling a Poke competitive if it has at least 2x31 IV's with a beneficial nature, and is EV trained in a way that specializes it for its role. These Pokes are also at lv 50 or higher.


Selection Process: 



Each player puts all their respective comps together in a box in their respective PCs. If a player has more than 60 comps, then they can simply fill more than one box. Players state how many comps they have. A player than chooses their opponent's Pokemon by giving 6 random numbers between 1 and X, where X= the number of comps their opponent has. So if Billy has 60 comps, his opponent, Susie, will choose six numbers between 1-60.

Let's say Susie chooses the numbers, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Billy then counts starting from the top left corner of his box of comps and finds the Pokemon corresponding to the given numbers. These Pokemon make his team for the duel. Billy does the same thing for Susie.

*When giving numbers to your opponent, it is helpful to give them from least to greatest, as it makes the selection process more organized.

*Players may choose to roll only Pokemon in a specific tier, in which case make sure to sort them in a separate box.


The duel:



Once the Pokemon are selected, and items are given, players simply duel with Normal 1 v 1 settings. 

Players may use any items not banned in normal tournament settings.

*Species clause does not apply in a roulette.

Optional rule: First Pokemon must remain as lead.



A Roulette battles tests a player's battling skills by giving them a team that may or may not work well together.


The following skills are used in a Roulette:


- Knowledge of Pokemon's move pools and stats

- Predicting the opponent's moves

- Adapting and problem-solving

- Identifying win condition of a duel

- Identifying the biggest threat on the opponent's team






Once the duel is over, rematching is simple and easy. Players may give the Pokemon a quick shuffle before selecting new numbers. If a Pokemon is chosen again, a player may tell their opponent which numbers are repeats, without revealing which Pokemon they are. The opponent may decide to have the other player keep those Pokemon on their team, or select new numbers, but may reselect only once.

Of course, the selection rules are simply suggested, and players may agree upon whatever rules or conditions they like.




Q: How can I prevent my opponent from just selecting their best team?

A: You can't! But it's just for fun, so why would anyone want to cheat? Plus, you'd be able to tell if your opponent has a team that perfectly covers all its weaknesses. If you really want to be picky, ask them to send you a screen recording of their selection process.



Find me!

I hope you enjoy Roulette battles as much as I do! I'm always up for a Roulette, so find me!

pokemmo ign: KinkajusRevenge

discord: kinkajusrevenge#4407


Roulette Discord Server! https://discord.gg/VvK7nRB


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Posted (edited)

Very interesting idea! Can't wait to test it with some of my friends!

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1 hour ago, Ultrajesus said:

Very interesting idea! Can't wait to test it with some of my friends!

Hmu! I'm always down for a Roulette! =)

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