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Sinnoh NPC Rematch Guide

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Whats up everyone, name's Pakawaka, and I'm bringing you today my custom Sinnoh NPC Rematch run

Sinnoh has a lot of rich NPC's that you can rematch, If you have some time to spare, you can easily get a decent amount of cash.


I'm splitting my full run into two, Fast Run and the Full Run, this Is because doing a Full Run can take up to half an hour, NPC's on the Battle Zone are a bit tougher to beat compared to the rest of the region.


Fast Route (31836$) (10~ Mins)


(Route 212)



(Route 222)



(Route 214)


Full Run (75424$) (30~ Mins)


(Route 225)



(Route 229)



(Route 228)





Lastly, I wanna give a quick shout out to @Staggiie for making the NPC Re-Match Guide, his guide helped me a lot and you should check it out too.

And @Zyga21 for providing a map of the whole region with the NPC's.





Edited by Pakawaka
names of the routes

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11 minutes ago, Catman16 said:

Idk if I missed something or... where are the names of the places in the pictures? 

My bad, forgot to add them, I added them now ^^

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27 minutes ago, Edniss said:



Is the guide complete and ready to be moved?

Id say It is ready to go, I could change some minor things here and there, but nothing too big, so please move it :D

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8 hours ago, Geffron said:

that route 215 seems different



Fixed, thanks for pointing that out!

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