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Changelog: 27/02/2020


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  • Added early badge scaling for Sinnoh's common trainers (Badges 5~8)
  • Various items in Sinnoh are now marked as untradeable when obtained through the storyline / common NPCs
  • Added another prize exchange NPC in Veilstone City


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed items not consuming properly in PvP
  • Fixed a battle crash which could have occurred with Sky Drop
  • Fixed an issue where follower mods could corrupt overworld swarm spawn's sprites
  • Fixed several incorrectly assigned TM moves (e.g. Heal Bell on Poochyena). These are now properly assigned to Tutors again.
  • Fixed Eject Button trying to play the last queued action after triggering
  • Possible fix for Spectating / Running not cancelling SFX correctly (most prominently seen with the Black Hole particle fx)
  • Fixed battle replays requiring players to move before they could watch another
  • Fixed various issues with "On Evolution" move blocks
    • Fixed several missing moves
    • Silcoons/Beautifly with the incorrect move "False Swipe" have been patched, and the move removed from them
  • Fixed Honey Tree levels shown in the Dex
  • GTL searches should now be less prone to getting stuck with "Loading.."
  • Abra/Porygon trade gifts are no longer given in Sinnoh's storyline
  • PokeMMO's distributed JRE was updated to j8u242


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