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More Graphical Options



I would like it if PokeMMO got more Graphical settings to improve the look of the game whilst adding more customizability between users. I'm thinking these options could include more Anti-Aliasing options and the addition of screen filters. PokeMMO is usually an easy game to run on most systems (PC) and because of that there is room to improve the graphics whilst still having great fps. Also for people with lower end systems there are Aliasing methods with little reduction on performance which PokeMMO don't use. 


For people who don't know Anti-Aliasing is a way in which you can improve graphical fidelity by smoothing jagged edges and distortions. In PokeMMO you only have the option to use MSAA which there is nothing wrong with it however there are more modern methods such as TXAA/MLAA or even SSAA and probably more. These methods of Anti-Aliasing are more resource demanding however they do a much better job at improving the Graphics of the game. Also for people who are struggling to run the game but still want less jagged edges there is FXAA which PokeMMO also doesn't have. I don't think that having more Anti-Aliasing options is necessary however most people easily have the performance to use more modern methods and they would have a more graphically appealing game. 


Now onto screen/game filters which can alter the appearance of games by applying a filter usually over an upscaled resolution. These can dramatically alter the appearance a game for the better however they will also use more resources. An example of a screen filter is HQX however there are loads. 





This is an image I have found online of HQ2X and HQ2XS filtering. As you can see they change the graphical appearance a lot - I think it makes the most difference in the overworld though. The thing with options like these is that it comes down to personal preference whether you like it or not however there are so many screen filtering options out there so there is definitely something for everyone. Because of PokeMMOs lacklustre graphical settings it would be nice for more options like these. 


Thank you 


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