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Changelog: 17/02/2020

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Bug Fixes

  • Improved server performance to handle additional players
  • Fixed Eject Button / Red Card broadcasting effects out of order
  • Fixed non-tradeable Honey usability
  • Fixed wild Dex entry rates for non-Winter seasons
  • Fixed an issue where, if a Choice item were given to a target before they used their move for the turn, the selected move would not be locked in immediately
  • Fixed several possible issues for stat stage changes in weird scenarios (e.g. White Herb triggering off of positive stat stages)
  • Fixed GBA storyline string export util
  • Endgame Sinnoh areas are no longer restricted by the National Dex
  • Sinnoh's National Dex now only requires Seeing each species within its Regional Dex
  • Fixed negative page numbers showing for GTL/Mail widgets
  • Fixed Encore being permanently castable in some scenarios
  • Fixed Bestow message targeting
  • Bike tires now get gummed up in swamps
  • Future Sight may now target empty battle slots, and will not fail to cast if the target slot's fainted during the turn
  • Future Sight no longer bypasses semi-invulnerable states, e.g. Fly/Dig
  • Fixed Future Sight failure message reasons
  • Fixed an issue where Sky Drop may have caused participants to become invulnerable if the caster fainted while holding the victim
  • Shift actions in Triple Battles now test validity of both the action slot & target slot of the shift
  • Fixed an issue where Drag Below could leave a player in a semi-invulnerable unattackable state in some cases
  • NPC trainers in Sinnoh's postgame rematches remembered that they have full parties, and that they should bring them with them
  • Players with overworld legendaries can no longer queue for matchmaking / tournaments
  • Form-specific icons are now displayed properly in the battle UI
  • The last used battle box for PvP is now cached in the client
  • Fixed an issue where overworld legendary battle challengers could be forced to use battle box parties if they previously entered matchmaking with them (they'll now always use their real parties)
  • Fixed a server crash which could have occurred (and did!) with charm link sharing
  • Fixed various issues with Multitype
  • Fixed an issue where UI scaling / Immersive Mode would displace GBA NPC battle indicators
  • Fixed an issue where switching routes in GBA areas could cause the screen to flash
  • Sinnoh scripted TMs are now untradeable
  • Fixed GBA trainer names not being overrideable in translations
  • Sketch, when used by a wild encounter, will now temporarily keep sweet scent PP until the end of the battle
  • Restrictions for player online times for mail now only apply if sending an item with the message

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