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Honey Tree Mechanic and Locations

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Honey Tree Mechanic and Locations


I hope that you're having a swell day. In the Sinnoh region, go outside and smell the fresh air! Perhaps, you would like a more "sweet" smell in game every time you encounter a yellow Honey Tree. If that is you, then this guide could make your day. While preparing my pokemon for taping Part 13 of the Sinnoh Walkthrough, @Terresa invited me to a Link with @Parke and @awkways. While the conversation was a bit on the comedic side, Terresa said "someone should make a Honey Tree guide." I did mention my other projects, but Terresa told me about the importance of such a guide. Once the offer was mentioned, I then promised the group that "after I complete the Sinnoh Walkthrough, this guide concept can be taken on." Make sure to thank these three players for purposing this guide request. Without further ado, let's dive straight into the information that you need to know about this activity.


ZTJfiwZ.pngMechanic Description: You can obtain Honey from the merchant at Floaroma Meadow for $1,000 per jar of Honey (check the location spoiler below this for location pictures). Once you obtain the Honey, then make sure to slather it onto a yellow Honey Tree and wait an hour from that time. After an hour, you can check back on the tree and it should shake in a fervent manor. As for the pokemon that you could encounter, I placed all the pokemon down in the Pokemon Spoiler.


Location Spoiler:




Pokemon Spoiler:


Aipom, Heracross, Wurmple, Cascoon, Silcoon, Beautifly, Dustox, Burmy, Combee, Cherubi, and Munchlax.


For more details on these pokemon, then please check out my PokeDex (PokeMMO Version) Guide.


ZTJfiwZ.pngTree Locations: Route 205 (North and South), Route 206, Route 207, Route 208, Route 209, Route 210 (North and South), Route 211 (East), Route 212 (North and South), Route 213, Route 214, Route 215, Route 218, Route 221, Route 222, Valley Windworks, Eterna Forrest (exterior), Fuego Ironworks, and Floaroma Meadow.


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