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[MOD] HD Battle Sprites -Front and back-

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Posted (edited)

The mod is very good  

It would be better if you could perfect the blue forms of Shellos and Gastrodon.  



Edited by qlfy

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Darmanitan (Zen Mode)


He is also not 3D in the game.








This is Darmanitan (Zen Mode) in 3D.



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Hello: qlfy

Thanks for commenting and well I don't know why Shellos and Gastrodon was left out
 I'll try to fix this as soon as I have time, thanks for reporting, I also really like these pokemons.

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Some pokémons for you appear floating and for me not
 some are wrong and I'm correcting (the ones that are too big)
already others are working well on my computer, I play
with everything activated and in full screen, you can tell
me which windows and how do they play? (whether it is a window or cell phone).

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Ninetales is original, but Shiny Ninetales is "Alola Form".




That seems a little bit strange.

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