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[MOD] Pokemon Sword and Shield (Generation 8 sprites) .mod (UPDATED)

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I'm trying to make a pack of sprites with the animations of the Pokemon Sword And Shield, I'm using the animations of this site: https://www.pkparaiso.com/espada_escudo/sprites_pokemon.php
You can download in here:

Please, test out!

More than 200 pokemons are edited, the others pokemons sprites is from this thread:



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It's a problem with how you save your GIF, for example if you're using a website called EZGIF there's an option called "don't stack frames", if you're using a programming language and some library look for an option called "dispose" and set it to the proper option that removes the previous frame.

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7 hours ago, budadeth said:

looks incredible, but some of the non sword and shield sprites have some bugs like Blaziken or Medicham or Tropius, pls keep it up looks amazing! thanks for the work!

I encountered the Blaziken bugs as well, Medicham was fine for me though

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