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What do you think is the biggest community in PokéMMO?

The biggest community in game by your point of view.  

59 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose one of the choices down here plz.

    • The Hispanic Community.
    • The Chinese Community.
    • The English-only Community.
    • The Brazilian-Portuguese Community.
    • Other (Comment)

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Story Time!


I was traveling through the Forum watching some interesting Suggestions when something caught my attention.

It was a topic but below that said: Moved to the Chinese Forums.

I was in disbelief, "A chinese forum? It really exist?". But then I had another question to myself: "It is the Chinese community that big?"

I didn't find an anwser to my question that day but now, I am asking you, people of the Forums, what do you think is the biggest community in PokéMMO?


The Chinese? The Hispanic? Or maybe the Portuguese one? Let me know in the comments below!


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1 hour ago, Quakkz said:

you really mustnt play this game at all to come up with such an obvious question

Welp, I have to admit I don't enter so often to PokeMMO like I did in 2017-2018 but I am still curious tho.

In my defense there's no official data about the numbers of players in the game so I wanna know.

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