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Platinum is super buggy

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4 minutes ago, DEATHGRASP said:

My game keep crashing since the update today is there some problem or did I get a bad Rom hack that screwing up MMO client ?

Also weird glitch I got Togepi egg from cynthia I lagged out when I came back my egg hatched even though I walked less than 100 steps

First of all You can't run sinnoh or any other Regions With ROM Hacks.

You must need the real version To Run the MMO.

Secoendly I think EGG Hatches Don't need Steps Right Now. They Hatches By A specific TIME LIMIT.

Now Your questions answer:

Yes I saw many reports in forum that the game is crashing in android.

I have not played sinnoh till now but As Looking in forum I think it's a Game Bug And Only Developers can Correct it.

So Just Wait Until the next update.


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