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Raffling away my Exploud or Wingull shinies! Preferably to good home!


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After 69,904 encounters I finally found my shiny Ralts, but that Ralts didn't come before I found two shinies that I DON'T want.


Assuming I'm not breaking any rules, or placing this in the wrong forum, just leave a comment if you want to be added to the draw and after a week I'll pull a name out of a hat and see who wins.


There is one shiny up for grabs, the winners choice of Exploud or Wingull, the remaining shiny will be given to my friend.


I'd rather this shiny goes to someone who's never had one before guys, but I know I can't filter out everyone who might just want a free shiny, so best of luck to everybody!


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Misleading, poor articulation.
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12 minutes ago, Eliagug said:

I would love to have the Wingull. I would love to have a shiny, but after 800 hours in, in still at 0 :(

I know the feeling. My fist shiny ( Exploud ) was at 1,200 hours. Then I found Wingull and Ralts within 400.


Luck awaits you!

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I apologise if I lead anyone to believe otherwise, but I am only doing one raffle. Everyone is being placed in the one hat and whoever wins can pick between the shiny Exploud or the shiny Wingull. Before starting the raffle I had already promised the remaining shiny to my friend, the rafflers are just getting first dibs. :P


I realise now that it was pointless of me asking what everyone wants now, and I'll edit the first post to reflect that, but you can still tell me which one you want in advance for convenience sake.

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