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Changelog: PokeMMO Platinum (21/01/2020)


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Changelog: 25/01/2020



  • The scripted Odd Keystone Spiritomb fight in Platinum will now result in a Gift Spiritomb if captured. Other wild Spiritomb encounters are unaffected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed fishing in Unova
  • Fixed Unova daycare dialogue
  • Fixed a Giratina boss skip if players lost the initial fight
  • Fixed Honey pricing (now $1000)
  • Fixed an Unknown Item error when gathering Unova storyline fossils
  • Fixed Sinnoh's Flash overlay
  • Hearthome Gym is now instanced per-player
  • Fixed a storyline skip issue where destroying some objects could result in others being destroyed too (Rocks/Cut Trees)
  • Fixed an issue where Galactic HQ could become unwinnable if disconnecting / reconnecting after some fights
  • Sinnoh fossils gathered from wild rock smash encounters can now be revived properly
  • Fixed Mt. Coronet's "Magnetic Field" / Eterna Forest's "Moss Rock" / Route 217 evolution areas
  • Fixed Korean Platinum strings
  • Fixed an issue where, if fainting during the first Sinnoh Rival battle, you could be placed out of bounds when reviving
  • Fixed a client crash which would occur when Natural Cure healed a status
  • Windows: Fixed several issues where Compatibility Mode would not always be invoked when needed
  • Fixed an issue where Beautifly could be created with no skills
  • Fixed an issue where some party members could get stuck in the Daycare
  • Honey Trees no longer generate underleveled species
  • Readded ExtremeSpeed for the Dratini line's SPECIAL moves block
  • Obedience is now enforced properly in co-op NPC battles
  • Fixed an issue where players could paste newlines in chat
  • Fixed an issue where players could be teleported out of bounds when exiting the Great Marsh
  • Sweet Scent is now restricted in Fog
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