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How much are we worthed?

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I've been playing this game for a long time now. Some things have completely changed, while some others have always been the same.

If, at this point, there is one certain thing regarding our community, is that there is a great distance between us players and the devs. It has already been stated more than once that, since us long time players are a minority compared to the casuals, we are not a priority. And yet, despite not being a very big community, i think we deserve something more. 

It's now been over a year that sinnoh realease has been announced. 

And yet, apart from the pts, we know nothing. The devs are silent.

Neither do we know anything about the lack of xmas event, we can only make assumptions. 

And do you remember when dungeons got announced, just for the announcement to be canceled? 

I respect the devs, since this project is mostly passion driven. I don't mind waiting more time for an update. The only thing i think we deserve is mutual respect between devs and community.

And respect means to at least let us know something. This doesn't only apply to Sinnoh. What about telling us what to expect in the update? Or a release date which is not soon, even if it's wrong? Or even small news, such as why the xmas event was canceled or if we'll have the next event? 

Instead, the Sinnoh announcement has been silently removed. The reason why this happened hasn't even been said spontaneously, but as a replay to another thread.

I just wanted to share my thoughts, and i'd like to hear yours.

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While it has to be acknowledged that the staff does a very good job with each update released, I would also like to have more information, in this regard, to be kept informed to the community, im use google translate. 

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17 hours ago, richardbenzina said:

It's not a matter of assumptions. It's a matter of trasparency between the devs and the community

They have never been transparent about anything at all. All you can do is to read between lines.


In the end it's their decision and we are not entitled to anything. If you donate do it for the work they have done, not for what they have promised.


They are the same as always, you have been here for some time to know that. If after all this time you now realize that something does not add up, you can leave, find other mmo, or take a break and return later.


If they start giving out info handouts, like the dungeons bit, who is not to say that the plans will change and they will just find angry players waiting for some "promised" content. If anything, these sassy posts only make them think twice about posting any updates.

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Always that one guy, Last time i checked you get what you paid for, I am aware this game runs on donations, but come on get over yourself, the devs do not owe anything to anyone. We pay nothing to play this game and the devs put their own time into making an amazing pokemon mmo experience. 

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On 1/20/2020 at 3:11 PM, axx said:

Next event will be the chinese new year.

Xmas was cancelled since reusing old events is not profitable.

Expect platinum for easter.

We got served, you don't have to prepare a chinese event if you can push out the new region.


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