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[Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide (2nd Edition)


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[Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide (2nd Edition) Testers Needed   Before you read this guide, I would like to thank @KaynineXL for his trust in me to restore his [Money Guide] C

Moar, but not that much this time because I went for places that weren't as interesting in terms of items, or you already had info about those places (I try to avoid putting items that are already reg

Unova (Testers Needed) Routes   Route 1: Potions: Potion Repels: Balls: Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Plain Dry Seed, Plain Sour Seed, Plain Sweet Seed Other: Antid

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@Genets I see. Yeah I agree with you - contributing to this guide makes it way more worthwhile for me too.
I have a payday maxed meowth too, I use that when looking for single pokemon to complete my OT dex, but most of the time I use my pickup linoone for EV training.
There are a lot of active pvp players and breeders in my team so I usually get a request whenever I am online that takes about 30-60minutes or so.

And paying attention to item pickups and documenting it on the side helps me concentrate on my grinding business and prevents me from getting distracted in the chat - seems like we have quite different styles but kinda similar motivations hehe.

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