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[Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide (2nd Edition)


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10 hours ago, Genets said:

Hoenn Route 105

Mystic Water.png



Super Potion.png

All the items listed have been documented.


10 hours ago, RedRunt said:

I like this guide and just started with unova.
caught a lillipup with pickup and will update this post when i find something along the way.

Looking forward to your contribution RedRunt. When you spot an item being picked up, make sure to take a screenshot of the battle logs so I can see the item's pickup message.

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So far I didnt Pickup any Items in Unova! Or I just missed it...anyway I came to the conclusion, that its better to test for pickups seperately and not while playing the story.

Here are some Pickups I made while EV training in Kanto that were not listed yet.950022468_Screenshot(29)_LI.jpg.84f04803af3be10e472b3429ef93ed7e.jpg



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I noticed that the adding colored highlighting changes the file type from .png to .jpg and multiplies the file size by 5-10times -> so imma try uploading without highlighting for single items.
Think that should be fine, but let me know if I should go back to highlighting.


surfing in fuchsia behind the safari wardens house

tentacruel hordes trainertower

-> I also found 1 or 2 Stardust, but for some reason i failed to take a screenshot :/

Unova Route 10


Hoenn Route 126 Underwater

HoennRoute126UnderwaterSuperRepel (2).png

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