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PokéMMO Speedruning

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Welp, this is another question i had in mind for a while, I know there was some people speedruning the E4 of Kanto, Johto and Unova but i haven't seen anybody speedruning the whole game, Kanto Hoenn and Unova all together.


So my question is: Has anyone tried to speedrun PokéMMO?


If that's the case, what's the fastest time? Who got it first? There's a video proof? 


If that's NOT the case, It is viable to do it? There are any obstacles to do an Any%?


Thank you for your attention, I'm waiting your anwsers.




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I saw one run that did only kanto, but the video is about 4 years old so a lot of mechanics have chaged.

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It used to be way easier before. Get that Starmie with max coverage and sweep through. 

There were so many altrunners back in the day, even going upto 50-75Mill just altrunning


Now its a bigger challenge 

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original pokemon games never change.But pokemmo each update can change the story a little making it faster or slower to finish.

It would have been easier and faster to get a time of completion when there was no pokemmo level cap and most story trainers had about the same pokes as the original games.


so a world record can be set but it will be based on current pokemmo update.


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On 1/14/2020 at 12:51 PM, Ultrajesus said:

Has anyone tried to speedrun PokéMMO

I used to speedrun Hoenn, when it was worth to do it. Nowadays is trash so not worth.

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