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How can I make a Lorelei sprite in the Overworld?

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When I entered the Pokemon League, I saw that Lorelei had a sprite (Overworld) of a generic road girl.
Is it possible to edit that? I can do a sprite of Lorelei DS but I don't know how to implement it in the game

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you can do that by creating a mod
in game
menu-> settings-> utilities->dump moddable resources -> run utility
select overworld npcs sprites -yes

this should create a new folder called dump in the game folder where a dump.zip file will come
you decompress it and within it will come the modifiable sprites.

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11 hours ago, CrissCy said:

puedes hacerlo creando un mod
en el
menú del juego- > configuración-> utilidades-> volcar recursos modificables -> ejecutar utilidad
seleccionar overworld npcs sprites -si

esto debería crear una nueva carpeta llamada dump en la carpeta del juego donde vendrá un archivo dump.zip,
lo descomprimirás y dentro de él vendrán los sprites modificables.

Ok, I already have the sprites (which are from Gba). How do I modify them to be a mod for overworld sprites? In summary .. How do I make a mod xD

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3 hours ago, Malasada said:

Ok, ya tengo los sprites (que son de GBA). ¿Cómo los modifico para ser un mod para los sprites Overworld? En resumen .. ¿Cómo puedo hacer un mod xD

In your case, look for the sprite lorelei among all those replacements for yours. and delete the rest of gba sprites and move the dumps folder to data / mods and activate it in the game

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Nice ! Thanks you xD. Now I have to make it smaller. Do you know how many pixels a player has?


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