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Ditto Breeds


So, as we all are aware, Ditto farming had been nerfed to the ground with the lower catch rate + genderless mons being able to breed with themselves.  Male only mons are in so few number and in lower tiers that makes them irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Most dittos are actually being sold for the sole purpose of getting a rare shiny egg eventually.

What I purpose is to upgrade Ditto breeding. Something similar, probably not exactly the same as shiny breeding. With my suggestion we would be able to get additional benefits of breeding with a ditto than if breeding to any other mons.


- Promotes a market that has been buried under the ground for quite some time now.

- Faster alternatives when breeding stuff, provided you have what you need.

- Helps male-only Pokémon


- I could say, and some will say "Will ruin the economy", but I feel it is not the case, since they can fix the "additional benefits" to their likings

- I could say coding too, but we already have shiny breeding.

-tldr; None.





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I still remember that guy that said he spent 1.5k€ in de vanity shop to afford breeding perfect genderless like few weeks before the update come. But tbh they're a minority, they dont play competitively. This imo should already be a thing, either that or introduce some form of botlecaps to allow us to max their IVs.

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