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Finding Every Move (2nd Edition)

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21 minutes ago, azmodoodle said:


I'm fairly new to the game and was wondering how do you get the shards? do you capture the pokemon everytime? or is there a way ? I tried using trick but it won't let me keep the item after the battle.

NVM found a way now~

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On 5/20/2020 at 10:58 AM, azmodoodle said:


The information here is outdated as the shard tutors were replaced by 4 regional tutors in the poke centers and the prices were altered.

You need the right items in addition and it is much more expensive now.


You can try to get tutor moves and tm via breeding with the right male. If you use field pokes then smeargle is your best friend


I accidentally quoted an old post. Can i remove the quote?

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