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[PSL XII] Keep Baton Pass in LC edition - Week 6

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11 minutes ago, xStarr said:

Coming from the dead and getting a win is a blessing. 

Image result for cheers gif



I think u forgot the amen. Thank you for the blessing, was the fourth victory this PSL. A bit late the bully about that, Internet explorer or something else? Thank you for specting, nothing more to do this week here. See you next week.


well done good job GIF 

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13 hours ago, Zhikodark said:



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find the error

I could also win by not killing sneasel, weird things that go through my head

There are two errors. One is an obvious one. The second is that with that calc, musharna needed no +1 to ohko sceptile, which makes the whole calm mind even worse.

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