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Doubles team

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hey hello, i need help i want to create a team doubles what is the best team doubles and what is the best moveset and evs distribution for togekiss doubles please.

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@ricardo there is no"best doubles team", it all comes to matchups and most important, the player skill.

At least I can cover the togekiss question. While in singles it is used as a flinch machine, the main purpose for doubles is being a redirect support that checks fighting type pokemon. Ofc serene grace air slash will always be there, so you can hax the shit out of your opponnent and make him/her want to ragequit.

The more standard version would be 

-Air Slash

-Follow Me


-4° move depends on what you need to cover (Flamethrower, tailwind, thunderwave [dont, paraflinch is despicable], roost)

Evs: 252 hp, enough speed to outspeed whatever mon you want to flinch, and the rest on defense. 


If you prefer a more offensive togekiss you can go for a scarf togekiss with air slash, perfect to make clear you cant understand simple mechanics and you need a dumb team to win

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