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[PSL XII] Keep Baton Pass in LC edition - Week 4

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#Week4Hype #KeepBatonPassInLC #FukDubs #couchcouchcouch #TopPlayersSuck #RankingsHype #matshame #benchima #morehashtags #FragsvsLaz #RipAnt #midseason


If you recorded a PSL duel, please post the replay directly in this thread. You can find your opponent forum name here

If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread. Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/PSL_1


The Soaring Staraptors (7) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (3)

OU: Mkns vs Brianattackpro

OU: Luke vs Brianattackpro

UUx2: Cristi (1) vs JasonSparrowX (1)

NUx2: Samehada (1) vs Getovaherez (1)

LC: Xigbaar vs Ahpool

LC: Xigbaar vs Cali
x2: Busso (2) vs Sebat (0)



Brianattackpro (Monday to Friday at 7 am to 9 am EST and 2 pm to 7pm)



JasonSparrowX (Thursday-Saturday any time)



Getovaherez (Friday-Sunday any time)



Ahpool (Monday-Friday 9-11pm China time)

Cali (Monday-Friday any time)



Sebat (Thursday-Sunday any time)


No Shaymin Losing (6) Vs Eternatus' Pain (4)

OU: abstractt vs Necroskulldark

OU: abstractt vs JulianFNT

UUx2: zanderson (0) vs xLuneth (2)

NUx2: kamimiii (1) vs Tawla (1)
x2: lkrenz (2) vs Poseidonwrath (0)
Kepzal vs Leviatharian

DubsMaatthewMLG vs Leviatharian



JulianFNT: Friday or saturday morning



Luneth: Any day, 6:00 - 10:00 pm GMT-5



Tawla: 7pm gmt+1



Wrath: friday saterday sunday 5pm utc- 10pm utc


Frag Squad (5) Vs Delicious Donphan's (5)

OUx2: Fabroooo (0) vs Madarasixsix (2)

UUx2: Zhiko (1) vs Umbramol (1)

NU: Titinn vs Burntzebra

NU: Frags vs Lazaaro
x2: Yosoyarca (1) vs Lotus (1)
Dubsx2 Titoooo (2) vs Lluvvia (0)


 The Knights of Corviknight (6) Vs The Squirtle Crew (4)

OUx2kiwikidd (1) vs Bluebreath (1)

UUx2: YeyoXD (2) vs ZDFire (0)

NUx2: Sweetforu (2) vs Haazuu (0)
: Jhowcrazy vs Stelian

LC: Realdevillegend vs Stelian
Dubsx2 Intimidoar (0) vs Zigh (2) 

Deadline Sunday, 5th of January at 9 PM GMT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread at least 10 minutes before it starts.

All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.

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#Week4Hype #KeepBatonPassInLC #FukDubs #couchcouchcouch #TopPlayersSuck #RankingsHype #matshame #benchima #morehashtags #FragsvsLaz #RipAnt #midseason   If you recorded a PSL duel, please po

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