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January 2020 Tier Changes

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OU from UU:

Porygon2 - Usage based movement, above the 4.36% cutoff percent to move up to OU.


NU from UU:

Roserade - Below 4.36% in UU, we will be monitoring this change as we are very aware it could be problematic

Venusaur - Below 4.36% in UU

Gigalith - Below 4.36% in UU


Banned to BL2 from NU:

Durant - Durant's power/speed stats and general coverage moves allows it to OHKO everything that outspeeds it and 2HKO pretty much any wall not named Poliwarth, which lacks instant recovery.  It suffers from 4mss and is taking back because of hustle miss chance, but overall it remains an overwhelming threat that NU can barely handle currently.  Durant defensive type is great and insures that it will be able to come in play at one point or another during a duel.


Discussion thread:





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Special announcement:

All fully evolved or single form pokemon added with the addition of Sinnoh have been placed in OU for the time being for those that did not read the prior post I made in the discussion thread.

Also Baton pass is now unbanned from all tiers, enjoy.

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