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Hello PokeMMO Community!


My IGN is CRzzXX and I'm playing PokeMMO since 2014-07-12. Had some breaks in playing this game the last few years. Now I'm active again.


My name is Tobi, 26 years old and live in Germany. Some of my hobbies are watching sports like football, basketball and darts, listening to music and video games.


Merry christmas to all of you!

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Thanks :)


1 hour ago, Sethsen said:

Welcome! You might just be back for Sinnoh region that we all expect to be released within a month from now. If you need any advice, feel free to hit me up in game. Merry Xmas. :-)

Cheers, Sethsen

Heard of Sinnoh but missed the PTS last weekend. See you ingame, maybe :D!

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