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[PSL XII] Keep Baton Pass in LC edition - Week 3

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#Week2Hype #KeepBatonPassInLC #FukDubs #generousejuani #mlhawksubwin #miskineluke #rankingshype #noties #noshayminlosing #benchima #morehashtagslater


If you recorded a PSL duel, please post the replay directly in this thread. You can find your opponent forum name here

If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread. Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/PSL_1


The Soaring Staraptors (3) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (7)

OUCamilaKawaiiChan (0) vs Kiwikidd

OU: Luke vs Kiwikidd

UUx2: Cristi (1) vs Makxx (1)

NUx2: xShandow (0) vs SweeTforU (2)
LC: Mkns vs YEYOxD

LC: Mkns vs RealDevilLegend
x2: Xigbaar (0) vs Intimidoar (2)


The Pretentious Pachirisus (5) Vs Eternatus' Pain (5)

OU: Zeknshooter vs PoseidonWarth

OU: Zeknshoter vs JulianFNT

UUx2: JasonSparrowX (2) vs xLuneth (0)

NUx2: AurumPegasus (0) vs Tawla (2)
x2: Getovaherez (1) vs TheDrakeHope (1)
x2: Nagahex (0) vs Leviatharian (2)



Zeknshooter (All Day, Whenever)



JasonSparrowX (Any day that isn’t Christmas or eve)



Aurum (Everyday after 7pm) GMT -5



Getovaherez (Friday Saturday Sunday)

TheDH (Saturday/Sunday 5 to 11 PM GMT +1)



Nagahex (Thursday to Sunday 12hs, 20hs GMT -3)


No Shaymin Losing (2) Vs Delicious Donphan's (8)

OUx2: Abstract (2) vs Epicverde (0)

UUx2: Lkrenz (0) vs Umbramol (2)

NUx2: Santiii (0) vs Sejuani (2)
: Elcoolio vs Kiritox

LC: MaatthewMLG vs Lazaaro
x2: Kepzal (0) vs Lluvvia (2)


Frag Squad (6) Vs The Squirtle Crew (4)

OU: Fabroooo vs Bluebreath

OU: Frags vs Bluebreath

UUx2: Zhiko (2) vs ZDFire (0)

NUx2: Titinn (1) vs Haazuu (1)
x2: Yosoyarca (1) vs Xondex (1)
x2 Titoooo (1) vs Zigh (1) 

Deadline Sunday, 29th of December at 9 PM GMT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread at least 10 minutes before it starts.

All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.

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11 minutes ago, calidubstep said:

Oh hell no, we're gonna need pillows and cushions I can't sit on that all week

true benched players sit wherever. So go away, and let me be. 

@Nawe can confirm.

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1 hour ago, calidubstep said:


the flowers are mine

Edited by Sebat

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31 minutes ago, calidubstep said:

no you can be on the floor too

why dont we all go to the floor?

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