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Team Tournament - Cup of the Year (Saturday, 11th of January)

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1 hour ago, Sebat said:

with YB in the game, f lyle?

Depends on hpx, and of course some team might not come to game

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Team Name: Aogiri RE
Team Tag: RE
Registered Players: RYUSOKEN, MorriganUwU, KatyPerryesp, Guilleex, CamilaKawaiiChan, EagleMana,
XevozLife, llChelo, DavaManoBla
Team Captain: RYUSOKEN

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Hi all


So i got approached and asked if for this tournament we could do exception and take down limit of players. I think its fine to allow 20-25 players from each team to play, considering the 5 tiers must be played each round. 



So, in case u want to add some players from your team, feel free. I will also send word to captains so u will be able to make changes if needed.

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On 12/17/2019 at 9:12 PM, Bearminator said:



Starting AFTER Team Tournament of December, teams can give their team information freely here.
The deadline will be standard one hour after:

Thursday, 9th January| 7pm UTC - 2pm ET - 8pm CET   Time Zone Converter



Considering I've got no word from Hpx, team Lyle will take their spots in today's tournament.

They are assigned spot nr 8.

Bracket, for a reminder:


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On 1/7/2020 at 2:47 AM, Sebat said:

Sebat Santiii Redav KiiritoX Kepzal TiToooo moisessss Cali EpicVerde Camyy cifudemian Aleso ZacMorales isperea ChilyOCB Risadex BlackHunterX AnGeLOrGuLloSo MexiDany eliopesstes Gauchoo yagu xkuroy giantpipe Masitaa


On 12/27/2019 at 11:30 PM, DoubleJ said:



NikhilR, SweeTforU, pachima, Goldeneyes, Kanzo, Artemiseta, Dementer, Burntzebra, wiriketchup, DoubleJ, yangsam, zJohan, CerveroFeluci, KingBowser, GymLeaderGaryy


Congratulations for  TheLordsOfTheHax, who have just proved that they are in fact really lords of January's team tournaments! They have deserved being named Winners of the Cup of The Year, good luck in the future for the team! 


A big shot out to KingCheerios, who took a part from reserves spot and almost got the grand prize! It was great run, Lyle!



As always, big "thank you" for all players who came today to observe our tournaments during this year, and my fantastic refs from tonight, @MPDH, @Teddi @Mike @Gilan and @CommanderBlue.

See you all on last Saturday of January! 





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