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Team Tournament December (21st Saturday)


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3 hours ago, NonoPetitRobot said:

Tell me more Bear, Unova is quite BIG


11 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:

Yo, where the hell is the TT?

Sorry about that, Nacrene city.

We can gather around PC before start, the refs will say where to gather for certain matches

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[AW] - Asgard Warriors (Bilburt)
[SIÂ] - Sic Itur Ad Astra (Mkns)
[HPX] - HuntersProXtreme (Rhenor)
[läva] - läva (MonkeyDMathew)

[NORE] - NoRematch (LifeStyle)
[LYLE] - KingCheerios (Artemiseta)
[SLP] - Sleepwalker (Cristi)
[DST] - Distinct (SapphireStoneSSS)


[RØSE] - GuardiansofRose (xShandow)
[HAX] - Haxonites (Bremmer)
[HÂRY] Harigakure (MegaBladers)
[LØRÐ] - TheLordsOfTheHax (EpicVerde)


[HDLM] -  SonsOfTheDeath (RealDevilLegend)
[BR] - Brasil (LelouchZeroo)
[RMW] - RedMarkWarrior (Goldenfrezer)
[ZERO] - ElitesWarriors (Fredcar)




[RE] - Aogiri RE (RYUSOKEN)

[LËM] - SimplyLemonade (Powerdrib)

[Saké] - LaughingCoffin (iimoburuu)




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On 12/19/2019 at 8:05 PM, isi1993 said:

Name: SonsOfTheDeath


Players: Kiwikidd, RealDevilLegend, AurumPegasus, xMago, Makx, NagaHex, JorgeMaximo, CjMystogan, Lluvvia, Intimidoar, Flesky, TojoYoyo, Navetas, xXPryorXx

Captain: RealDevilLegend





Congratulations to the team HDLM- SonsOfTheDeath for their amazing victory in the last Team Tournament of this year. It is the well-deserved title of Champions!

Also, congratulations to the team HAX , for their great run during this tournament. Good luck in the next final match!



As always, I would love to thank you all for coming, and being a part of this. Big thank you for my refs, @MPDH, @CommanderBlue @Linfanz and @LeZenor, and all staff members who helped me run this event in the past.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope that you all will continue to play a huge role as part of this community.
See you all soon! 





Bracket: https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/TeamTournamentDecember2019

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