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Favourite Pokemon of Every Type Lottery + Catching Event [12.12 -> 22.12]

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Favourite Pokemon of Every Type Lottery!


Hello players! Some months ago I was asked by PokeSweep to deliver Lucky Eggs to you in some sort of event. If you are not familiar with him, he was hunting chansey all the time.
And I mean all the time.





I had this lottery in mind for a long time, and I finally found a perfect way to distribute his prize while also making a somehow- I hope- interesting kind of event or at least an event to kill some time. Everyone and then someone asks me on global "hey bear, what is your favourite pokemon?". And every time I just say random pokemon that I like to use or I'm actually using a lot at the moment, cause: A: Saying Teddiursa all the time is boring, B: it's hard to choose only one and C: Because I wanted to make a lottery like this.



How will it go?



1. Players will have to make an image of their favourite pokemon for each type, or simply a list. They can use this: https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/ link. As an example:




2. Post with image and some explanation will be counted as entry. You don't need to explain every pokemon, just share why you like one or more that are very special for you. You can use pokemon from gen 1-gen 7. You can always explain all of them as some of us did :3


3. On the second post of this thread, there will be listed images of some Staff Members favourite pokemon. All of them will miss ONE pokemon in ONE category, and you- players will have to try to guess which ones are our favourites. 


4. Each good answer will give a player 1 point. The player with the biggest amount of points will win the Second Prize. In case of tie, the player with the earliest post will win. 


Valid Entry will look like:




I like bulbasaur, because he is cute and ......[...]


Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
Bearminator - Teddiursa

TheChampionMike - Bulbasaur

SneakyTeddi - Charmander

etc etc



My In game nick: ExamplePlayer




5. If no one will guess any of pokemon (which can happen, considering how many of them there is in every type) I will simply make a lottery with them too ^^



5 Lucky Eggs for the winner

5 Lucky Eggs for a player with the biggest amount of points for guessing missing Pokemon.

Catching Event:

1st Place- 5 lucky eggs

2nd Place- 3 Lucky Eggs

3rd Place- 2 Lucky Egg


Catching event:


Because PokeSweep favourite pokemon (or at least pokemon he was hunting A LOT) was chansey we will have some *ekhem* fun.


An hour-long event held in Safari Zone Kanto, ch4.

Players will have one hour to catch Chansey with highest IV. 

Nature Bonus: +3 Bold +2 Calm +1 Modest


Date: Sunday, 22nd of December.

Time Zone Converter





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Meganium: As a kid, I was either getting Cyndaquil or totodile as my starter, gen 2 was just amazing. Then Chikorita suddenly grew on me. The fact that my friend absolutely loves it and we are exchanging chikoritas merch from time to time only makes my bond with it stronger.


Infernape: Gen 4 was absolutely amazing to play after - at least for me - boring and lacklustre gen 3. I couldn't find the excitement In Hoenn, I really only liked swampert and that's it. However, this Monkey is absolutely great, I joked with friend that I will choose it cause I was born in the year of the monkey. The rest is a fantastic journey through my tied-favourite region.


Swampert: It was love on first sight. I saw it on some pokemon site talking about upcoming starters and loved mudkip from the very beginning. It became my partner pokemon in almost all games, matched only by Greninja. In fact, it was really hard to pick between two, but the special place in my heart goes to this cute thing. 


Teddiursa: I totally put the second pidgeot here as a mistake, had to fix image quickly. Do I need to explain this one? It's just one of those simple, yet interesting designs that is not over-complicated, but it catches my eye. Pluuuuuus it looks cuuuddly


Alolan-Raichu: Alola region was... decent. I've played it a bit but was bored a lot with it. Alolan Raichu was just the THING for me. It was finally something to give Raichu more purpose than being avoided Pikachu evolution. Pika got clothes, been on every game. Raichu deserved it.  Named him Pancake and he was my partner for the whole game.


Lugia: I liked Mewtwo in the first game, and the feeling of getting legendary pokemon as smoll kid was something I will never forget. But I've put my mewtwo into PC and practically never used it. However, with Lugia I've broken my will to not use legendaries and used it everywhere as soon as I've got it. It's just great design and the really strong feeling that Im looking at something REALLY legendary.


Pangooro: Been waiting for real panda pokemon for a long time (sorry, everyone who claimed spinda kinda is panda... no. Just no.) so when it came here... Yeah. He was almost beaten by Bewear, but I stick with first choice.


Carracosta: it was a very big challenge to choose either this one or Rhampardos. I went with Carracosta simply because this pokemon, along with Hydreigon and Krookodile kinda saved gen 5 for me.


Garchomp: I've not used it in my playthrough at the first time. Every single one of my friends was using it and I thought it's stupid. Then the design just hit me hard, I love sharks, I love water creatures (thats why I liked lugia too, damn you anime for tricking me into thinking its water type at some point), and I learned to appreciate this little sharky blob. Mega was overkill tho. There is a draw between this one and Krookodile, but since I can only get one for the image, shark wins for surprise effect it had on me.


Pidgeot: I've kept my original Pidgeot from Pokemon Red for many years. Truly it's just nostalgia playing with me, cause Im sure there are more interesting choices for bird pokemon... but this one is simple yet powerful. Loved the mega as well.


Golisopod: A thick boy, that went instantly into my shiny hunt list even if his shiny was a bit boring. Having a second water type just helped me with the decision. It looks just really strong, has a quite an interesting design and ah, he had to be in my storyline team.


Nidoking: The design is just absurdly amazing. Simple yet powerful, he looks like he could crush my house. As a kid, I just simply HAD to get it, and for PokeMMO Nidoking is MVP of early-stage Kanto game.


Hydreigon: Im not gonna lie, it was hard choice cause Dark has a lot of great designs.. I've chosen hydreigon because gen 5 felt pretty awful for me. I played it for a long time cause I couldn't really force myself to like this generation. Hydreigon looked at least like fun pokemon. Also because I totally forgot Greninja is part dark, when I was choosing.


Decidueye: Rowlet was my choice nr 1 when starters were released. My special other has a very strong obsession with owls and I enjoyed them a lot, especially at that time. When Rowlet was announced, it just had to be it. "Leaked" starters final evo well all good, but when someone finally leaked Decidueye's real look, it looked even better than fakes. The typing was also fantastic! It never left my Sun team, and will probably never do. 


Lucario: Steel type wasn't really my thing. I liked the penguin but I never used it for a long time cause I loved infernape a lot more. Choosing Lucario simply because I liked to use him for a while when I played pokemon X.


Sylveon: Just look at it's ribbon. It's amazing pokemon, it was a lovely addition to pokemon X, I let my eevee be happy to get that thing and it was part of my team forever. It came to the point that I wanted to use Xerneas but couldn't force myself to leave Sylveon out.


Goodra: Goodra was insta choice. Even before Teddiursa. I can't wait to have it on Pokemon GO. After gen 5, the one that I didn't like a lot, I took a break from the newest pokemon, basically only played gen 2 and PokeMMO at the time.Gen 6 was around for at least a year or more when I finally got it deciding that I might as well know the new pokes. 
I instantly took Froakie cause it looked so cool, caught my fletchling and later Skiddo, who almost won best Grass type ever. Pangoro joined my team, and then Tyrunt and sylveon. I was changing them from time to time, but when I got my Goomy... I named it after my sister's nickname and it never left my team. Noivern, Xerneas and Aurorus occasionally joined my team but never replacing Goodra. Im in love with this weirdo little thing.








Torterra - My first starter from my first DS game, has a very special place in my heart

Victini - Generation 7 made this Pokemon so fun to me. Z-Celebrate Vicitini is one of my favourite Pokemon to use period in USUM OU.

Kingdra - One of my very very first comp Pokemon here in PokeMMO, back when I thought that Attract on it was a good counter to all the Blisseys

Diggersby - Underrated powerhouse ever since it's introduction to the competitive scene. One of my favourite stall breakers to use.

Tapu Koko - Love this legendary, not only use wise but also looks wise.

Gallade - Gallade is visually one of my favourite Pokemon. And on top of that it is super fun to use in both the handhelds and in competitive.

Lucario - I was a simple kid, I saw a movie with Lucario, I fell in love.

Stakataka - Now this will probably be a weird pick to many, but I always loved this Pokemon. I like how silly it looks but it is so abusable in Trick Room. One of those weird picks where I  cannot really explain why I like the mon.

Excadrill - THE GOD OF GEN 5. What's not to love, good design, abuse-able as hell and amazing stats and abilities. One of the few Pokemon that stayed top tier despite not being a legendary/mega throughout the generations.

Landorus-Therian - What can I say, look at my signature. I know he's very unoriginal but it is one of the better looking Legendaries in my opinion and I love using it in competitive. It's one of those picks that you cannot go wrong with.

Yanmega - Whenever I saw this for the first time I instantly fell in love. Love its design. When I was a smol kiddo I thought speed boost on it was also the most broken thing ever and wanted to use one myself so bad. Just as Torterra, a special place in my heart.

Greninja - Subjectively the strongest Pokemon ever designed. I like overpowered stuff. So I like Greninja.

Dusknoir -  This one is actually pretty funny. I never had many Trading Cards in the time I grew up. Mainly because I didn't think it was that appealing. But one day a friend of mine and I  just bought a pack together for the hell off it and this was the rare in the pack. I remember being amazed by like the 120HP it had and thinking it was like the best Pokemon  ever. And it looks beast as well

Mamoswine - Really the only Ice Type I can tolerate to use. I always loved its pre-evos so was very excited to see that it got an evolution. Plus it looks cool.

Scizor - It's fucking Scizor, like, I am so edgy I always cut myself on that edge. SIKE I have loved Scizor in competitive in every generation since 2. Another Pokemon that aged very well with the generations.

Dratini - I mean, really?

Clefable - The single most broken fairy type that's not a legendary. Even though its stats are mediocre at best nowadays it is so strong in competitive. It can do so much. From being an annoying Thunder-Wave spammer to sweeping with Calm Mind. It is truly a flawless Pokemon to me in my eyes.







Breloom: This cutie was my main pokemon when I played through Ruby and I liked it too much to not be my favorite grass type.


Ninetales: I mean, look at it.


Vaporeon: It's really hard to choose just one here, because Water is one of my favorite types. I'm choosing Vaporeon because it was the first Water pokemon I really liked, back when I played Yellow version as a kid. 


Furret: Everyone will pick Teddiursa here, but it's a trap. My favorite Normal type is Furret. He walcc.


Ampharos:  I fell in love with this Pokemon when I played through Crystal version.


Reuniclus: Look at it, it's a jelly.


Lucario: My passion for it comes from Smash Bros. Lucario is my main character in this game.


Tyrantrum: It's a big dino! No other reason needed, plus it carried me a lot through X/Y.


Swampert: It's my favorite starter ever. No, it's not Charizard.


Talonflame: Little op fire birb is op. It's one of my favorite pokemons through all types, despite not being Water. 


Volcarona: It's one of my main pokemons in PokeMMO, who carries me through gym runs and trainer rematches. I love my Vinea. <3


Crobat: It was my first pokemon evolution by happiness, I remember how much I loved it. It will always have a special place in my heart.


Krookodile: God bless Moxie croc.


Jellicent: It's Ghost AND Water type. x)


Glaceon: The only one I really don't have another reason other than it's freaking adorable.



Dragonite: A vewy scawy dwagon owo how could any other dragon be in this place? It also was my biggest frustration as a kid not being enough patient to grind enough levels on Dragonair to evolve it to Dragonite on Yellow version. Dragon type is my second favorite type.

Xerneas: It's really the only reason of why Fairy type it's my 3rd favorite type.








Decidueye: Decidueye is easily one of the most well designed grass starters with an awesome typing to boot. Alongside with having a creative idea of being an archer.
Charizard: Charizard is the classic. I am easily "The Charizard kid" and will stand by him til the end, even when Stealth Rocks KO's him in one turn.
Empoleon: Empoleon overall is a dope design and based off of an awesome real animal. He's bulky in some aspects, but hits hard.
Snorlax: Snorlax is another OG, with an awesome versatile moveset that makes him fit on most teams.
Raichu: This is obvious.
Raichu-A: Also obvious.

Rampardos: Rampardos has always had a soft spot for me despite how weak he can be in battle. I mainly love his ridiculous base attack stat.
Krookodile: If you didn't run a Krookodile in Black and White doing Moxie sweeps, I am convinced you did not play Gen 5. This IS the definitive Unova Pokemon.
Staraptor: Staraptor is the coolest Route 1/2 bird Pokemon. The fact that it has intimidate is something else; apparently something about looking at him makes his opponents shit bricks.
Volcarona: I am normally not a fan of bug types due to their bad stats and not the best designs. Volcarona is easily the best though, centralizing around Quiver Dance.
Vileplume: Poison types are hard to pick, but if I had to chose one it would be Vileplume. Putting him on a sun team is very fun.
Hydregion: A really broken pokemon with an overall cool design concept, and a pretty neat typing for the time it came out. I'm still impressed by Hydregion.
Giratina (origin): Giratina's origin form takes an already 9/10 Pokemon up to a 11/10. The fact that it gets levitate and becomes just a little bit more speedy is cool as well.
Lapras: Lapras was one of my first Pokemon I raised all the way up to level 100 when I was a kid. Something just seems humbling by looking at it.
Dialga: One of the best cover legionaries to come out of Pokemon, Dialga flat out does not care about most common dragon weaknesses due to his steel typing.
Dragonite: Dragons are overall a completely solid typing, and many Pokemon could make the cut here. However, you really can't go wrong with Dragonite.
Dedenne: I swore I thought this was Raichu Jr. when it came out. I don't like the resident "Pikachu-wannabes" per generation, but Dedenne just speaks to me.








Ludicolo: Pokemon Colosseum/XD need I say more? Their dance animation in that game with Mirror B. just really is a fond memory for me and makes them stand out overall as a pokemon.

Blaziken: My first ever starter. Also one of the best memories of the anime for me was Ash's Charizard fighting against the Blaziken just before the Hoenn region.

HoundoomI think houndoom's design is really good; also I'm a dog guy.

Ponyta: My first ever shiny (in the handheld games, and first shiny I got while I was a staff member). I remember being on a class trip to DC, in the hotel room, I encountered the blue flamed horse and immediately told my friends/classmates about it.

Lunatone: My second ever shiny on my original Sapphire version (the first ever pokemon game I had)

Gengar: Just an excellent pokemon that does whatever you want it to do, I always felt more confident with a gengar on my team

Milotic: You've no idea how much time I spent hunting for feebas on my original Sapphire version... Then all the time I spent growing Wiki Berries to turn into beauty pokeblocks... Good times.

Ryhorn: My third ever shiny, got during a playthrough of Heart Gold. Was the last 1/8192 wild shiny that I encountered in my handheld games

Sneasel: The ice types were always lacking in my opinion, but Sneasel got so much better in DPPT and solidified itself as my go-to ice type pokemon

Zangoose: I.. freaking... love this pokemon, if I hadn't had caught a baller kingdra in PokeMMO, Zangoose would be my staff mascot. Zangoose is the primary pokemon that I like to use for random NPC battles.

Aerodactyl: Fast and Powerful, I generally like fast pokemon and am overall not a huge fan of the flying types, but Aero is a pterodactyl and is just cool

Lucario: Shiny Riolu was the first pokemon I got through the masuda method. Shiny Lucario was my companion for BW XY and SM.

Jolteon: Personally, I think all of the electric pokemon's designs suck. So, to me, Jolteon is the least bad.


Kingdra: I caught an insane horsea, Kingdra's my mascot, I like it. Do I need to explain further?

Latias: First roamer I ever had to deal with. This was by far the hardest pokemon for me to catch as a kid, and thus stands out as one of the pokemon I think of first. It's also super representative of Sapphire version, which was my first ever pokemon game.

Crobat: So many people have a prejudice against zubat, but crobat is a freaking sweet evolution. It's also really fast, which I'm biased about.

Alolan-Ninetales: I don't care about fairy types, but Alolan-Ninetales is actually really cool to me, taking a fire type and making it ice is a nice juxtaposition and the redesign worked really well imo.






Cyndaquil: By far the cutest of the starter Pokemon. Everything about the Pokemon screams adorable, I mean just look at those eyes and tiny little hands. Also, it evolves into a fire honey badger, and everyone knows honey badgers are amazing creatures.

Wooper: Oh boy, where to even begin? Wooper goes through life with no worries, just wooping along. It always has a look of pure emptiness that somehow comes off as joyful. Woop is one of the cutest things I've seen and is absolutely perfect in my opinion. By far my favorite Pokemon on this list.


Zigzagoon: Little Ziggy Stardust is just such an adorable Pokemon. Its cute raccoon-like appearance was one of the first things I saw playing through Emerald as a kid, and I've loved it ever since.

Luxray: By far one of the coolest Pokemon, and certainly the coolest electric type. Luxray just gives off this menacing vibe, even though it's not a dark type. While Shinx itself is super adorable, I don't think that can compare to the pure coolness of Luxray.

Jirachi: The wish-maker itself. Oh boy, this Pokemon is easily in my top five. Not only is it cute, but the lore behind it is just fantastic! It also had a great movie to back it, which I very much enjoyed.

Blaziken: I know this pick may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but I couldn't think of any other fighting type to give it to. Torchic was my first ever starter mon back in Emerald, so Blaziken will always hold a special place in my heart. Even beyond the nostalgia, Blaziken has a great design that just screams cool! I mean, it's a fire rooster that lays the smack-down. What's not to love?

Aggron: The metal monster that munches mountains, Aggron! First off, amazing design. Secondly, I had an Aron on my original Emerald team and that little guy turned into this massive monster that put in so much work. Aggron will always be one of my favorites, and I'd say it definitely deserves the love.

Flygon: Another Pokemon that I had on my Emerald team (I'm starting to sense a pattern here). The thought a cool sand dragon flying through the desert like a spirit excites me a lot. 

Staraptor: The big bird boi who put in so much work on my Pearl team. Probably one of the coolest Pokemon designs in general and definitely my favorite of the starting birds. 

Joltic: I don't really care for most Gen V Pokemon, but Joltic is just too cute to ignore. A tiny little electric tick that sucks out power from electric cables? Yes please!

Croagunk: There's just something about this guy that I absolutely adore. A cute little poison frog with a tough personality! Not to mention Brock's Croagunk was just the best.

Tyranitar: To be honest, this was a bit of a tough pick but it had to go to this guy. Tyranitar definitely has to be the pure embodiment of dark type. Everything about it's design just gives off a tough and brutal vibe, which I think is the essence of the dark typing. Plus, it's just super cool in general.

Dusknoir: My favorite ghost type for multiple reasons. Not even mentioning the design (which is amazing), but Dusknoir's role in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky was just fantastic! For me, any time I see a Dusknoir I instantly think of that Dusknoir. 

Delibird: While a lot of ice types are harsh, timid or loners, Delibird takes the opposite route. All Delibird wants is to spread joy to everyone it meets, and I can definitely get behind that. Plus, again just an amazing design.

Empoleon: The true emporer has arrived! Piplup was my first choice in Pearl and boy did it not disappoint. Empoleon is a super cool penguin that takes nothing from nobody! It has an amazing design and I love how it goes from a cute little baby penguin to a large glorious emporer penguin.

Rayquaza: The beast that calms the storms. Rayquaza's role in Emerald was just great! Its design really screams powerful and boy is it. It calms the creators of the ocean and land like they're simply children throwing a tantrum. Everything about Rayquaza is fantastic!

Gardevoir: A truly elegant fairy. I love Gardevoir's design and of course she was on my Emerald team and demolished the competition! Also, the concept of being able to feel other creature's emotions was always fascinating to me. Definitely one of my favorites!


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My nick in game: AdrixxHD

My favorites Pokémon:





Arceus is our god, he created us and love us.

Missing Pokémon of Staff Members:

Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Gengar

SneakyTeddi - Metagross

Raichuforyou- Blaziken

Gilan- Heracross

DemonicDax- Bulbasaur

SecretDjinn- Snorlax

Rache- Beedrill-Mega

Lezenor- Toxicroak

Linfanz- Pidgeot

Matoka- Tyranitar

Edniss- Blastoise

Edited by Adr1z
I forgot to write my nick.

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I kinda feel like saying that arceus counts only like normal type for the sake of this lottery.


Yeah lets do that :D


type null too i guess?

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6 minutes ago, Bearminator said:

I kinda feel like saying that arceus counts only like normal type for the sake of this lottery.

You can't make rules up after he submitted his team of arceus, he wins

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2 hours ago, ImFunk said:

You can't make rules up after he submitted his team of arceus, he wins

I can, easy.


I will count his entry for lottery, no other sheets with all arceus/type:null will be accepted

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baby turtle

baby ice cream

cute lil shiny blue nose


It's going down, I'm yelling Timburr

klingy klangy

Missing Pokemon:
Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Muk

Djinn- Eevee

Edniss- Gyarados


IGN: hannahtaylor




Can we edit to add more guesses? And when does this part end?

Edited by hannahtaylor

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So first game I ever played was emerald, so love love loooved blaziken bc I kinda solo'd the game with it lol, Pachirisu bc obvious reasons, and espeon's easily my fav overall




Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Crobat

SneakyTeddi - Skarmory

Raichuforyou- Blaziken

Gilan- Heracross


SecretDjinn- Snorlax

Rache- Scyther

Lezenor- Crobat

Linfanz- Pidgeot

Matoka- Tyranitar

Edniss- Milotic



IGN: Cali


Edited by calidubstep

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Tangrowth: regen and big boi physical bulk

Heatran: really good typing 

Crawdaunt: step 1. use choice band > step 2. click stab moves (mostly knock off) > step 3. profit

Furfrou: it tanked a Close Combat from terrakion. what a monster

Magneton: greater speed and looks cooler than magnezone 

Medicham: > click high jump kick = profit

Keldeo: step 1. click hydro pump step 2. dont miss step 3. profit

Rhyperior: solid rock baby

Piloswine: cuter than mamo and eviolite lord

Tornadus-Therian: regen and fast like fast fast

Golisopod: first impression is litty and also gets spikes 

Skuntank: have you even wondered how skuntank defogs? Lol

Bisharp: defiant is so good tho and knock off oh yeah baby

Rotom: cuz regular rotom is best rotom 

Weavile: > click knock off

Excadrill: spdef excadrill best 

Hydreigon: > click Dark Pulse and/or Draco Meteor = profit

Magearna: unholy typing, shift gear, great bulk, hits hard, unpredictable at times makes me wanna unban zygarde. Thats why i love it




Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Drapion

SneakyTeddi - Skarmory

Raichuforyou- Blaziken

Gilan- Heracross

DemonicDax- Bulbasaur

SecretDjinn- Snorlax

Rache- Butterfree

Lezenor- Crobat

Linfanz- Pidgeot

Matoka- Tyranitar

Edniss- Blastoise



IGN: dinofish


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So basically the pokemon we post change nothing to the game right ? It's just the guessing that matters ...

Here is mine 






Grovyle - Have you played Mystery Dungeon II ?

Arcanine - Legit has always been my top1 coolest pokemon and the one I'd want if Pokemon really existed 

Greninja - Most satisfying comp pokemon to play ever // One of my mains in Smash Ultimate

Staraptor - Birb <3 // Have you played Pokemon Ranger II ? 

Eelektross - Got to like this one thanks to MMO UnderUsed

Mewtwo - If you have seen the first movie you'll understand // One of my mains in Smash Ultimate

Lucario - His movie was the best Pokemon Movie, also super unique // I don't play him in Smash fuck Lucario

Aggron - Tyranitar had a solid match-up but I really love gen3 mons overall since I started with it

Gliscor - Salty Room's emblem on Smogon (one French community room) 

Braviary - American Birb <3 // Also my favorite shiny ever

Scizor - Like seriously bugs suck

Roserade - This was my favorite Pokemon in ORAS UU which is my favorite tier ever so it holds a special place now

Weavile - Sinnoh evolutions of old Pokemon are so good

Gengar - Who else tbh ?

Froslass - Same as Weavile, Sinnoh new mons were awesome

Bisharp - If anyone faced me in MMO UnderUsed, they'll have figured when loosing to it

Salamence - Used to like Flygon more but I'm now overwhelmed by Mence's charisma

Ninetales-Alola - The only good Alola form and there's only 1 spot for fire and I wanted Ninetales in here ...



TL;DR : Offensive Pokemon >>


Guesses soonTM

Bearminator - Cubchoo (Looks like a trap inb4 Jynx)

SneakyTeddi - Empoleon (Steel AND Water amirite)

TheChampionMike - Drapion 

Linfanz - Pidgeot 

Edited by TohnR

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Venusaur: First love, awesome versatile poke,

Thyplosion: Since first evolution I loved this poke, also very strong if well used, coolest fire type poke EVER

Quagsire: Just look at his face, ridiculously strong typing

Linoone: I don't really like normal pokes but line is too cute

Ampharos: I absolutely LOVE mareep and his evolutions, also extremely bulky or as sp.attacker, awesome movepool

Mewtwo: Mew and Mewtwo, what else could I say... one is the cutest of them all and the other the badassest

Poliwrath: The only not-a-punch-my-eyes fighting poke in all gens, also interesting double typing even if he could have been better and very nice firt 2 stages

Kabutops: Just too cool and too many memories, I was uncertain between him, omanyte and sandslash btw

Golem: Badass poke even if way too uncompetitive

Xatu: one of the most underrated flying type pokes, very strong, very fast, very vast moovepool, also great design to me

Pinsir: strong and badass, nice moovepool too

Nidoking: love since 1st gen, badass, very nice moovepool, poison type (the best one ;) )

Houndoom: I think I need to spend nor a word on HIM

Gengar: same as before

Lapras: love, love, love; I have a box full even if I don't need them... is it strange?

Steelix: coolest steel type ever followed by aggron, not very good at using him I fear

Salamance: I HATE dragon typing even if there are some exceptions salamance is one of them

Togepi: Fairy type does NOT exist


Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Drapion

SneakyTeddi - Skarmory

Raichuforyou- Mienfoo

Gilan- Scyter

DemonicDax- Bulbasaur

SecretDjinn- Staraptor

Rache- Volcarona

Lezenor- Crobat

Linfanz- pidgeotto

Matoka- Golisopod

Edniss- greninja

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9 hours ago, FinnTheMember said:

Pokesweep still playing this game after lucky egg update?!


All his effort became nothing. Wow. That's pure love of him to safari area. I appreciate.

He doesn't, he has sent me lucky eggs months ago and asked to distribute them in event. 

That's why we will spent some time in safari.

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Staff Members missing pokemons:
Bearminator -  Articuno

TheChampionMike - Nidoking

SneakyTeddi - Metagross

Raichuforyou-  Lucario

Gilan-  Pinsir

DemonicDax- Grovyle

SecretDjinn- Zangooze

Rache- Caterpie

Lezenor- Seviper

Linfanz- Rayquaza

Matoka- Aggron

Edniss- Totodile



-Leafeon: Best wall

-Ho Oh: the legendary pokemon that really deserves its title of legendary imo

-Suicune: Fell in love with Pokemon Crystal just because of Suicune, it is so good that it deserved its own game and it was the best amongst the others and the first to introduce animated sprites.

-Eevee: idk, probably because having multiple eevees in the original games meant having all sorts of eevee-lutions, which was really cool

-Raikou I wanted Zapdos at first, but Raikou is so majestic, I couldn't resist not picking it up

-Lugia: The best looking pokemon ever, period.

-Hitmonlee: Do i prefer Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? One is a martial artist master, the other is a clown, obvious choice.

-Rhydon: Such a badass pokemon, one of the best gen1 mons.

-Donphan: idk, it's just cool and i loved when Ash faced it in the anime, too strong

-Pidgeotto: the first flying pokemon I've saw and immediately loved in the anime

-Ledian: so cool

-Nidoking: Such an Alpha male looking pokemon

-Umbreon: Gary first introduced it in the anime, and probably the best looking eevee-lution imo, such a cool mon.

-Gengar: THE ghost

-Lapras: Love it cuz of the anime


-Dragonair: looks so yummy, being able to use thunderbolt through its horns is so majestic

-Clefairy: THE true fairy pokemon

Edited by Laz

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Grovyle - Sacrificed itself for the greater good in pmd2

Ho-Oh - "Its feathers are in seven colors. It is said that anyone seeing it is promised eternal happiness." - Yeh, Ho-Oh is this cool.

Vaporeon - All eeveelutions are cool

Persian: Best human friend

Pachirisu : No damn words, best pokemon, period.

Hitmontop: Beyblade Pokemon is cool enough

Sudowoodo: Who doesn´t like an happy walking tree?

Sandslash: idk why but I always loved this pokemon.

Moltres: Wannabee Ho-Oh

Scizor: Ninjas in pokemon are rare... and cool.


Umbreon: Read vaporeon

Marowak-A : Amazing design, sad entry

Delibird: Jingle bells! Jingle Bells!

Aggron: A bipedal triceratops is something I know you didnt know you wanted. Also can surf.

Dialga: Master of Time. Has a pure heart.

Togepi: Piiiii Piiiii piiiiiii


Missing pokemon:


Bearminator -  Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Gabite

SneakyTeddi - Dialga

Raichuforyou-  Hawlucha

Gilan-  Heracross

DemonicDax- Ivysaur

SecretDjinn- Eevee

Rache- Butterfree

Lezenor- Roserade

Linfanz- Rayquaza

Matoka- Kabutops

Edniss- Milotic


Edited by pachima

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I love these pokemons because of the cool design.




Missing pokemon:


Bearminator -  Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Venusaur

SneakyTeddi - Scizor

Raichuforyou-  Conkeldurr

Gilan-  Heracross

DemonicDax- Bulbasaur

SecretDjinn- Pidgey

Rache- Butterfree

Lezenor- Roserade

Linfanz- Pidgeot

Matoka- Rampardos

Edniss- Azumarill

Edited by PoseidonWrath

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Shaymin - It's just so cute
Salazzle - I like it's Corrosive ability and that it can use Nasty Plot, also Taunt.
Starmie - It's been my PvE sweeper in MMO for as long as I can remember and I have too many memories with it.
Smeargle - Let's be honest, we'd all have a harder time if this guy ( or girl) didn't exist.
Pachirisu - It's so fkn cuteeeeeee. Also seen a guy use it in VGC one year and won. lol
Mew - I've loved Mew since the first movie. Makes me feel like a kid again everytime I see one. 
Keldeo - It's just so good and cute
Lycanroc - Priority rock move is dank. It's also v cute. 
Swampert - Something about a Mudkip meme
Talonflame - Priority flying moves? Yes please. 
Heracross - I admit, the Johto Journies anime made me love this succy boi.
Crobat - I always feel so accomplished when I evolve a Golbat with friendship.
Scrafty - This my nibba. He's soo cool.
Gengar - My all time favorite Pokemon, it's just a good boy.
Glaceon - Ngl, pretty much all the other ice types don't do it for me.
Scizor - In gen 2, I was most excited for this thing bc I always thought Scyther was badass and then they give it an evo? YES.
Goodra - I like to Assault Vest this thing and rek. It's also cute.
Clefable - Magic Guard. And cute. 

Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
(I have no clue really but I'll try)

Bearminator - Cubchoo
TheChampionMike - Dragalge
SneakyTeddi - Jirachi
Raichuforyou - Lucario
Gilan - Pinsir
DemonicDax - Roserade
SecretDjinn - Zangoose
Rache - Venomoth
LeZenor - Crobat
Linfanz - Gyarados
Matoka - Tyrannitar
Edniss - Lapras

IGN: Staggiie


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My IG nick is EeveeIsGreat

Venusaur - He's awesome, and basically easy mode for Kanto lol
Rapidash - I like it's shiny form plus the normal one is really cute
Seismitoad - really good water type, and electric isn't a problem with this guy

Eevee - as my IGN suggests this is my absolute favourite pokemon

Raichu - I like how his moveset can be very diverse

Mewtwo - best legendary ever

Lucario - both cute and powerful

Lycanrock - best pupper

Krookodile - Most OP ground type. i literally beat all of Unova with just this guy

Pidgeot - I just like his design more than other flying types

Cutiefly - literally just a cuteness thing

Weezing - James from Team Rocket, that's the only reason for this lol

Absol - he's awesome

Gengar - only ghost type I actually enjoy using

Beartic - fearsome design, very powerful for story mode

Steelix - I'm biased because my friend gave me a 3x31 steelix :D

Kingdra - The amount of times this caused ME trouble makes it a really good dragon type in my opinion

Clefairy - I've never used fairy type really, but clefairy is adorable!


Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
Bearminator - Cubchoo

TheChampionMike - Arbok

SneakyTeddi - metang

raichuforyou - hariyama

gilan - butterfree

demonixdax - snivy

secretdjinn - seems like a snorlax fan

rache - venemoth

lezenor - croagunk

linfanz - altaria

matoka - onix

edniss - wailord


Edited by EeveeIsGreat
forgot the missing pokemon part

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On 12/12/2019 at 11:09 PM, Adr1z said:

My nick in game: AdrixxHD

Missing Pokémon of Staff Members:

None correct!


On 12/13/2019 at 3:16 AM, hannahtaylor said:

Missing Pokemon:


None correct!


On 12/13/2019 at 3:25 AM, calidubstep said:
  Hide contents

Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:


None correct!

IGN: Cali



On 12/13/2019 at 5:08 AM, dinofish said:



Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:

TheChampionMike - Drapion


IGN: dinofish



On 12/13/2019 at 5:42 AM, TohnR said:




TheChampionMike - Drapion 



On 12/13/2019 at 2:20 PM, lallo17 said:



Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:

TheChampionMike - Drapion



On 12/13/2019 at 4:35 PM, Laz said:


DemonicDax- Grovyle





On 12/13/2019 at 6:35 PM, pachima said:

Missing pokemon:



SneakyTeddi - Dialga



On 12/13/2019 at 10:29 PM, PoseidonWrath said:


issing pokemon:




On 12/14/2019 at 12:30 AM, Staggiie said:

Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:
(I have no clue really but I'll try)

Linfanz - Gyarados

IGN: Staggiie



On 12/23/2019 at 9:50 AM, EeveeIsGreat said:

My IG nick is EeveeIsGreat

Missing Pokemon of Staff Members:



Correct list:

Bear- seel
Mike Drapion
Teddi dialga
Raichuforyou kommo o
Gilan armaldo
Demonicdax grovyle
Secretdjinn- vigoroth
Rache- dwebble
Zenor- amoonguss
Linfanz- gyarados
Matoka-  omastar
Edniss-  Floatzel


No one guessed more than 1 pokemon, so according to this:

4. Each good answer will give a player 1 point. The player with the biggest amount of points will win the Second Prize. In case of tie, the player with the earliest post will win.

@dinofish dinofish wins 5 lucky eggs!


I gave players numbers according to the time they've post their replies

Second winner is: image.png.e569f03122a309f2b73f4f841ad882a2.png


Congratulations @hannahtaylor!





Winners of Catching event:

1st place


2nd place


3rd place







Thank you all for taking a part in this lottery and catching event. Once again, thank you to @PokeSweep for donation. Hope you had fun and sorry for late reply to this.

PS: Cubchoo is fantastic, but seadoge is just too cute to not be my favourite :D



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