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How to judge IV's of caught pokemon

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Hello all,


I have recently started playing this game as it brought up a lot of nostalgia from way back when.

Anyway, my question is regarding how good a pokemon is, and if it's worth keeping or if it's better to catch a new one.

This, as far as I know, is for the majority based on the IV's of the pokemon.

I understand that high IV values are good, and low ones are bad, but I am interested in the threshold.


It could also be the case that I am worrying too much over small stats, and shouldn't care about this as I have literally just started.

However, if anyone has some good advice regarding the IV values, please do share.


Thanks in advance, and I am looking forward to your replies.

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If you're just playing through the story you shouldn't be too concerned with stats. Anything with a beneficial nature should work fine. Once you get to post-game you'll want to guarantee that you have a good nature with at least 25 IVs in the important stats, and 31 in speed. For example, a Gyarados would want Jolly/Adamant with 31 speed and at least 25 in everything else besides special attack. 


As far as selling goes, anything with 31 will sell for a decent amount but there are other factors that determine values such as nature, gender, egg group, etc. I suggest comparing your Pokémon on GTL to other Pokémon being sold with similar stats in the same egg group to get an idea of their value. 

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