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[PSL XII] Keep Baton Pass in LC edition - Week 1

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41 minutes ago, Leviatharian said:

Never heard of you in 7 Years, so don't even try to show balls.

sure bro, gl in your psl

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13 hours ago, FNTCZ said:

I see the RDL in very scared...


4 hours ago, isi1993 said:

I have exams of university until 19th, a son shouldn´t ask to his father for explanations. Enjoy ur match.

not was for revenge of tt vs intimidoar? 

I had thought you would give him the opportunity to take revenge on that

Edited by mago1993

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1 minute ago, pachima said:

someone plz explain to me  10:45

This is just my guess, but he was predicting the mandibuzz switch (was holding rocky helmet) and used stone edge to avoid contact

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25 minutes ago, NucleaRooster4 said:

I'm now available for the next four hours, maybe more. @ me to record any matches that go on.

I dont know who you are but thank you for what you are doing.

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